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AC 141 and AC 242 students:

This guide should help you find most of what you need for your class assignment on FIT buildings, programs, and facilities, and the people they were named for. It lists strategies for finding information, suggests specific books (and categories of books) that are physically located in the FIT Library, and links to some e-books and other possible online sources of information.

  • Not everything you need may be available online--but that's true for most research! 
  • You may have to check several different sources to find and verify your information: books, online articles, FIT press releases, etc.

But if you're having trouble getting started or finding some of the information on a specific person, Ask us! Tell us what you've already tried and/or what you're still missing.

About This Guide

  • Are you researching people for whom FIT buildings Dubinsky CenterGoodman Center
    or programs have been named?
  • Or are you trying to find other information about FIT for a class assignment -- some   basic statistics on the student body?
  • Do you need to find an old course catalog to get credit for a class you took at FIT years ago?
  • Want to see old FIT yearbooks?

Here are some good places to start.                                                                                                                        


The neighborhood [before FIT's founding]


From NYPL Digital Gallery


Naomi at FIT Library
Research Services Desk
FIT Library Website
Ask the Library

FIT's new signage program

FIT's Signage Master Plan is about re-emphasizing the connection between FIT, its buildings, and the people who were and continue to be influential in our history and future.

"...Several campus buildings are actually named for significant figures in the college’s history. It’s important for FIT to be able to honor the college’s heritage and recognize donors by using names."

Ask The Library

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