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What's not in this guide

There are many other guides that have exhaustive lists of museum and other fine and decorative art collections. This isn't one of them!
(Our Art research guide suggests some relevant websites)

This guide emphasizes strategies to find any kind of image you might be looking for, primarily online, but also in printed materials. It also lists some of the best and broadest coverage websites, and highlights a few exemplary online collections.

US National Archive images on FLICKR


About this guide

Discover collections of images, or search engines that will help you find specific images on web pages.  The unique or useful features of specific search engines are also covered. Current FIT students and employees also have access to  FIT Library Databases

All applicable copyright restrictions still apply; see the U.S. Copyright Office or The Copyright Website for more information.
Note that “copyright-free” indicated on some sites does not necessarily mean that there is no fee for the use of the images. Check the details on each site for updated use information and charges.Plagiarism issues also arise when you use images found on the web without properly citing the source.

What's your favorite image search engine or website? 

                                                                                                                                                               nsb 12/17/15

Images from Internet Archive now on Flickr Commons

"The Internet Archive is best known for its historical library of the web, preserving more than 400 billion web pages dating back to 1996. ...Perhaps what is most remarkable about this collection is that these images come not from some newly-unearthed archive being seen for the first time, but rather from the books that we have been digitizing for years that have been resting in our digital libraries. Through the power of big data we are suddenly able to view the world’s books not as merely piles of text, but as individualized galleries of one of the richest and most diverse museums of imagery in the world"


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Highlight: New York Public Library image collections online

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