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Search the library catalog for circulating books, reference books, and ebooks using names of specific fields,
for example fashion, graphic design, interior design, retailing, handicrafts, or art
and combine any of these with terms such as marketing, legal, business, ethics, pricing, and services to find information on business aspects of art and design.
For example: Photograph* marketing.
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HINT: Use the asterisk (*) to broaden your search.  Example: photograph* will search for photograph, photographs, photographers, photography

Other headings: art business ethics, graphic designers services

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About This Guide


To provide useful information for those who are establishing a business in art and/or design fields, and also for those working in these areas whether freelance, self-employed, or working for a company or institution.

  • Topics--All aspects of management,  legal and financial issues including licensing & pricing, 
    marketing, advertising & merchandising, buildin
    g portfolios, working with galleries and museums, etc.

  • Professions--Artists, illustrators, graphic designers, interior designers, photographers, handicrafters, and other design professionals

    More career advice and book and website recommendations

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