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Why Are Citations Important?

Citing your sources is important for a number of reasons:

  1. You want your audience to know that you are not plagiarizing. This is important ethically and also to avoid violating FIT's Academic Honor Code.
  2. You want to demonstrate your credibility and the quality of your research. Citing your sources allows your audience to see that you are basing your work on reliable materials.
  3. You want to help your audience find out more. Citing your sources also allows your audience to refer to the same works that you did so that they can learn more and see how the topic has been covered by other scholars.

All of these reasons are independently important and make citing your sources a vital part of scholarship both while you are at FIT and beyond. While citing sources can feel intimidating, we have resources to help make the process easy.

OneSearch Citation Shortcut

Did you know you can automatically do a citation in, OneSearch, our library search?

  1. When you see a book or article you would like to create a citation for, click the ellipsis (...) in the top right corner. OneSearch Citation Generator

  2. ​You will see a citation button pop up underneath. Click "Citation" then click "APA" as the format.  Copy and past the citation into your paper!

OneSearch Citation in APA


*Remember to double-check each citation!  Citation generators can be helpful and save time but since they rely on algorithms they often have mistakes in them!  Check that all the author's names are correct and check for capitalization errors.

Learn How to Cite Sources in the APA Style

We also have detailed guidance about how to create proper citations for a whole range of sources in our guide to the APA citation style. Check it out for more help!

Use a Citation Manager

Citation managers are tools that can help to track the resources you are citing and can even generate in-text citations and reference lists for you. They can be helpful organizational tools, but you will want to check all the citations that are automatically generated to ensure their accuracy.

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