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Art History and Fine Arts

Find articles online: Database best bets

Here are some recommended places to look for articles about art & artists. These databases include articles from journals, encyclopedias, newspapers and dictionaries.

Database search tips

Use databases to find articles in magazines, journals, and newspapers as well as in online reference books. Many of them provide the full text of the articles onlineDatabases may also provide other resources, such as TV/radio transcripts, video/audio files, podcasts, primary documents.


Database  means  FIT username and password is required!

Use the same terms or phrases that you used in searching OneSearch, but when looking for articles, you can often be even more specific. Try different, narrower, or broader words and phrases for your topic.


  • When searching a database that is not exclusively about art, try adding “art” or “painting” or ”artist” to the artist’s name when you search (e.g. Vermeer painting OR  Rembrandt artist) so that you don’t get irrelevant results (for example, the technology company Vermeer or Rembrandt toothpaste)

Do you want  Rembrandt Self-Portrait with Beret and Turned-Up Collar   OR    ?

  • Note that names of art works can vary; also they may be listed in English or in the artist’s native language
  • If a database does not work for you, try a different one.

If the article you want is not available full-text, it's probably because :

  • the whole database is an index to articles only    OR
  • most articles are available full-text, but the ones from this specific magazine, journal, or newspaper are not    OR
  • there's an "embargo" date for certain magazines where the publisher only allows "older" articles (typically 1-3 years and older) to be seen

To see if another database has the full text, or to find a print copy of the article, try these steps:

  • Look for, and click on, a "Find This Article" or "Other holdings" link in the database you are searching
  • Use the OneSearch Journal Search to see if the FIT Library has either the printed or online version of the magazine you want. Note the dates indicated because we may have the title you want, but not the correct year.
  • Check the "Periodicals by Title" list to see if the Library has printed copies of the magazine, journal, or newspaper
  • Check OneSearch's Journal Search (under the name of the magazine, not the title of the specific article) to see if the Library owns the magazine you need.

If the FIT Library doesn't have access to the article either in print or online, you can request it through InterLibrary Loan, try a public library, or Ask the library for a pass to visit another college or university library in the NYC area. 

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