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Runway Coverage: L

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L.A.M.B. (Firm)

L.G.R. (Firm)

Lacoste (Firm)

La Perla (Firm)

Lacroix, Christian

Lagerfeld, Karl

Lalique (Firm)

Lancetti (Firm)

Lang, Helmut

Lange, Rena

Lanvin, Jeanne

Includes Lanvin (Firm)

Includes Lanvin (Firm)

Includes Lanvin (Firm)

Laroche, Guy

LaROK (Firm)

Lars, Byron

Laurel (Firm)

Lauren, Ralph

Le Corre, Jacques

Le Silla

Le Specs (Firm)

Lee Jeans

Leflesh (Firm)

Leger, Herve

Leiber, Judith

Lemaire, Christophe

Leonard (Firm)

Lepore, Nanette

Les Copains (Firm)

Les Hommes (Firm)

Leslie Fay Companies

LeSportsac, Inc.

Levi Strauss and Company

Ley, Margaretha

Lezard, Rene

Lhuillier, Monique

Libertine (Firm)

Lie Sangbong (Firm)

Lim, Phillip

Link Theory Holdings Co., Ltd. (Firm)

Loeffer Randall (Firm)

Loewe (Firm)

London Fog (Firm)

Longchamp (Firm)

Lopez, Jennifer

Lost Art (Firm)

Louboutin, Christian

Lover (Firm)

Luca Luca (Firm)

Lupfer, Markus

Lutz (Firm)

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