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Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Home

This guide exists to support the work of FIT students participating in the March 8th, International Women's Day Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

The International Women's Day Wikipedia Edit-a-thon is made possible by a Diversity Grant from the President's Office. 

The purpose of this event is to engage the FIT community in the creation of content on women (and other minorities) in the design industries and related fields, such as the disciplines taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Following the tabs at the top of the page will lead you to information on planning, researching, writing and citing your first article or article update.  

Have fun and be bold! 

Meet Your Fellow Wikipedians

Wikipedia content is intended to be factual, notable, verifiable with cited external sources, and neutrally presented.

The appropriate policies and guidelines for these are found at:

  1. Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not, which summarizes what belongs in Wikipedia and what does not;
  2. Wikipedia:Neutral point of view, which describes Wikipedia's mandatory core approach to neutral, unbiased article-writing;
  3. Wikipedia:No original research, which prohibits the use of Wikipedia to publish personal views and original research of editors and defines Wikipedia's role as an encyclopedia of existing recognized knowledge;
  4. Wikipedia:Verifiability, which explains that it must be possible for readers to verify all content against credible external sources (following the guidance in the Wikipedia:Risk disclaimer that is linked-to at the end of every article);
  5. Wikipedia:Reliable sources, which explains what factors determine whether a source is acceptable;
  6. Wikipedia:Citing sources, which describes the manner of citing sources so that readers can verify content for themselves;
  7. And Wikipedia:Manual of Style, which offers a style guide—in general editors tend to acquire knowledge of appropriate writing styles and detailed formatting over time.

(“Wikipedia,” 2015)

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