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About This Guide



To link you to Career/Job information on the Web and in the library's Career and Business collections

Click on the Subject Tabs  above to find suggested books, e-books, web links, videos & RSS feeds.  To the left are a tips for searching using StyleCat

  • Career Guides--Job descriptions, requirements, availability, earnings

  • Job Hunting Strategy & Skills--Writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, networking

  •  Information on Specific Careers:

    • Fashion & Design Careers--including cosmetics & modeling

    • Arts & Design Careers--including illustration, graphic & web design, museum/non-profit work & photography

    • Business & Marketing Careers--including advertising, public relations, consulting, retail, sales, and international careers

    • Communications & Media Careers

  • Sections on Employment & Salary Statistics, Internships, Job Banks, JoBlogs & Videos

  • Tabs link to Company Information & Industry Sources/Market Share on our  Business Reference Guide.

The books listed are in the Reference Department's Career Collection (4th floor). To find books to check out, search StyleCat using the terms (at left) or others, and look for books located in "Main." 

The Reference librarians
can be very helpful in recommending specialized directories with information on companies to target, giving size, location, contact information, and other useful data on the companies--examples are The National Register of Apparel Manufacturing (Men's, Women's and Children's), and Plunkett's Apparel and Textile Industry Almanac. Directories of stores would also be useful. Most of these are kept behind the Reference Desk.

 FIT's Career Services and Internship Center's web sites have information on career workshops, counseling, qualified internships and resources, such as job banks, for current FIT students and alumni. Be sure to investigate all their offerings.


Check this out!
is a fashion-only job listing and
networking website for students.

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