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LibGuides Training

This is an internal guide to be used for LibGuides training and support

Navigation Style

The Default Navigation Style for all new guides is Side-Nav Layout with Box-Level Navigation option. Please do not select "Show all subpages in side navigation" when creating or updating a guide.

Font and Section Headers


The default font has been set by the CSS as Archivo Narrow (sans serif). There is no need to select any font type from the Font dropdown menu.

If you are copying text from another document or location, please paste as plain text using the following command Ctrl+Shift+V.

If you need to clear font or other formatting from existing text, click on the Remove Format button




Section Headers

You may wish to use section headers from time to time.

Section Headers should be placed in 1) "Special Container" and 2) use Heading 4

1 )


Example of a Section Header







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