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SS 231 Personality

What is Peer Review?

How Do I Search for Peer Reviewed Articles?

Many library resources offer the ability to limit your search results to peer reviewed items. The two best ways to find peer-reviewed articles for your assignment are to use OneSearch to search across a wide array of library materials. The OneSearch video below demonstrates how to limit the results of that search to only peer-reviewed resources. The other option is to search within a resource that is specifically focused on psychology. The second video below demonstrates that approach and some possible databases are also suggested.


OneSearch offers the ability to search across multiple types of resources at the same time, including articles, books, videos, and more. Results can be refined using the options to the left. The video below demonstrates how to limit your results to peer-reviewed materials in OneSearch and the search box below the video can be used to start your search.

Search for books, ebooks, articles, and more

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles in Databases

What Databases Should I Consider?

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