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This guide recommends resources for disabled individuals and those studying issues pertaining to ability/disability.


Welcome to our guide to disability research. This guide covers many aspects of disability, including disability studies, disability history, statistics related to disabled communities, design as it relates to disability, and adaptive fashion. We hope that this guide will be useful for those hoping to learn more about disability experience and culture as well as those doing research for class projects related to accessibility, adaptive design, and Universal Design. 

Accessibility consultation hears from thousands of British Columbians

Note: This guide and the resources it refers to use both "person first" and "identity first" language, in part because there is no consensus in the disability community about which type of language is preferable. The best practice is to ask any individuals how they prefer to be referred to, particularly if you will be writing or speaking about them. For more information on language pertaining to disability topics, please see the Understanding Identities & Terminology tab.

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