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A primer on finding what you need from the FIT Library

Record of an item found in the FIT Library

Top of item record

Resources in our library, including books, journals, archival materials and video, will have records that look similar to each other. You will have the option to cite, print or share the item record. You also will be able to see where the item is located and whether or not is available or checked out. 

Top Section of Record

Bottom of record

At the bottom of records for books and other physical items kept in the FIT Library, you will be able to perform a virtual shelf-browse for related resources. There is also a full description of the resource and clickable subject headings that will search for other works with the same subject assigned to them. 

Bottom of the item record

Record of an item from an online service or site

Records for items such as articles, reports, ebooks, and reference entries from online subscription services and websites, will look a little different from those for physical items. 

Many articles from Peer Reviewed journals will allow you to instantly search for other articles that have cited or which have been cited by the article you have located. 

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