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Start Here: How do I pick the right materials for my research?

When you are studying remotely...

... it's great to "START HERE" !

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  • Do you feel like you missed out last semester and didn't find really good resources for some of your assignments?
  • Have you just started working on a paper and feel stuck or confused?
  • Are you finishing up a project but you're not sure that you have the "right" materials to make it great?
  • Did your professor say something about "databases" , "scholarly materials", "primary resources" or something else you're not really sure where to find or how to use?Finger on a start button

Try this guide for your general research questions, and contact us by email, chat or text for more help with any of your class assignments or other research needs.

Let us know if you've found this guide useful, and what else you'd like to see us include.              

nsb 4/5/20

About This Guide

Magnifying glasses and books  This is a guide to some of the materials available, in print or online, from the FIT Library.Woman reading a book
  There are also tip sheets on how to choose a "good" web site and how to format a  
  bibliography/references/works cited list.

  Why? Why not? can help you decide which type of material may work best for a specific research need.
  Librarians are here to help you through any point of the research process, so ask us!

How do YOU research?

Where do you start your research for FIT class assignments?
You can see the results of the poll, but vote first! We'd love to have any comments or suggestions, too.

How do YOU research?
Wikipedia. Only and forever :): 6 votes (4.58%)
Google or Bing, using whatever comes up that looks good: 25 votes (19.08%)
Google, to find specific sites (like an organization or person I know about) or to find a type of information (like government sources): 59 votes (45.04%)
Web links my professor suggested or posted in Blackboard: 7 votes (5.34%)
Library databases, usually something I've used before: 13 votes (9.92%)
Library databases, I look for what's listed under my topic: 20 votes (15.27%)
Something else: 1 votes (0.76%)
Nowhere, I make up all my research ;): 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 131

Now what?

How do I look . . . when it’s not in Vogue?  Posted on by helen_lane
"Locating specific articles and images from pre-1970′s fashion and “women’s interest” periodicals can be difficult.  Many of these magazines were given late or spotty coverage by the big publishing companies that provided periodical indexes to libraries (precursors to library databases)..."

Woman with binoculars

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