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What's the best way to access the New York Times?

There are [at least!]  5 different ways to look at the New York Times; the "best" way to do it depends on what you need at any given time--A specific article? Articles on a certain topic? Articles from a specific date or range of dates? Today's paper?  An 1851 paper? Images? Ads? Multimedia & extra features?

New York Public Library

New York Times website: How do I use it?

New York Times bannerThe short answer is just go to and search away, but it's not always the best option

Bonus features only available on include:

  • Times Topics which brings together stories on popular and timely issues
  • Opinion page, including Room for Debate featuring recognized experts ("knowledgeable outside contributors") in various fields.
  • Easy access to issues of T Magazine, The Times' style magazines covering fashion, design, travel, culture (2008-Current)
  • Video and Multimedia for news and feature stories
  • Blogs (whose content may or may not also appear in the printed paper)
  • The Today's Paper feature lists all articles in the order in which they appeared in the various section of the paper. It only shows the past 7 days, but you can keep "scrolling back" a week at a time to see more dates.
  • Times Machine covers 1851 to 2002 and shows entire pages. The Replica Edition covers the paper fro the past 30 days only but shows each page as well. Unfortunately, both are only available to digital subscribers and do not work with the New York Times Academic Pass.

New York Times: Actual newspapers in the FIT Library

If you're in the mood to browse "old school",pile of newspapers
come into the library
and look through our print copies
of the paper (the most recent 3 months only)

New York Times through FIT Library databases

What about classified and display ads, charts and images--Is that type of material available elsewhere?
Can I see an entire page of the New York Times all at once (not just a specific article in html or pdf format)?

New York TImes Historical  (1851-2015)          New York Times through InfoTrac Newsstand                                     

  new york times historical search page    Infotrac newsstand search page 

Using the FIT Library's  NYT Historical Database   (1851-2015) (FIT user name and password required) has these and other advantages over using the website.

  • Ability to search by title or words in an article but also letting you find articles that are tagged with certain subject headings.
  • Includes an obituary search which includes both paid "death notices" and authored obituary articles;  just suggests an awkward workaround
  • Other specially tagged search types include by dateline, section of the paper, and many  formats e.g.  Front page article and "real estate transaction"
  • You can easily search for a specific date or range of dates or narrow down result you get
    TIP: You can browse pages--including ads-- but it's a little tricky.
    After you're logged into the database, find any article for the date you need, then click on the "page view" option that appears just above the article/pdf so you can scroll through other pages in that issue in pdf format.

          Bonus tip:: New York Times Historical is produced by ProQuest, the same company that created the WWD Archive,  Harper's Bazaar Archive & the Vogue Archive, so you can search any or.all of them at the same time.

More recent New York Times articles can be found using InfoTrac Newsstand (FIT user name and password required)
You can use the database to browse a whole issue for a specific date, but for the years after 2010, all you can get is the articles, not scans of the page itself.
Bonus tip 1: You can also search 2000+ other newspapers at the same time using this database
Bonus tip 2:  In the similar New York State Newspapers database (FIT user name and password required), you can easily combine searching the NYT with these other NYC-area papers

  • amNewYork
  • Daily News
  • The New York Observer
  • New York Post
  • The New York Sun
  • Newsday

New York Times access , by year and format

Name Years covered/available at FIT Library Online? Features Limitations
UPDATED 6/6/18          
New York Times print newspaper 3 months ago - present No

Full "newspaper of record" : front page, articles, ads, etc.

  • Not online
  • No special online-only features, columns, sections,
  • Only NYC sections (e.g. no Connecticut or Westchester Sunday sections) 1851-present

Yes Online-only features
  • Only 5 free articles per month
  • No free access to articles from 1923-1980
  • Does not include access to Replica Edition (past 30 days only) or TimesMachine which show each page of the paper as it appeared in print with academic pass




Register with an email

Online-only features

No limit on overall number of articles

  • Does not include access to Replica Edition (past 30 days only) or TimesMachine which show each page of the paper as it appeared in print
  • "Each day of their pass, users may access up to five free articles published between the years 1923 through 1980"
  • Only available during Fall and Spring semesters
  • Limited number of passes per day


New York Times Historical database (ProQuest)




Current FIT user name/password required

Can see each day's newspaper page by page. Use "advanced search" to search for a specific date,. When you have all results for that date, choose any article (click on title) then select "browse this issue" option to get to any page, including the front page  
New York Times through InfoTrac Newsstand Database 1980-current


Current FIT user name/password required

  • You can use the database to browse a whole issue for a specific date but all you can get are the articles, not scans of the page itself.
  • images may not be included for all articles
New York Times on microfilm

Not at FIT Library,

Years covered at NYPL:
1851-2016 with gaps.

No   Must go to New York Public Library to use
  • NYPL Schwartzman Building Microforms Reading Room info
  • Details of which years are available
  • Some years stored offsite and must be requested in advance
New York Times through Digital Microfilm Databases

Not at FIT Library

Covers; New York Times-Late Edition, East Coast
From 2008  up to 6-12 months ago)

Yes, but only at NYPL (any location)

  Must go to New York Public Library to use, (any location)  


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