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Newspapers: Finding online and print newspapers

Which newspapers can I find through the FIT Library?

newspapersThe FIT Library subscribes to a few specific individual newspaper databases and also provides access to hundreds (thousands?) of others through databases that cover multiple publications.

There are separate guides (and tabs on this page) with more details on how to access New York Times (NYT), WWD, and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). 

NOTE: Of course, you can always try the website of the newspaper you're looking for, or Google the article and hope to get lucky. But many newspapers have a paywall, a limit of the number of articles a person can read without paying for the article or for a subscription. 

Journal Search

Sample Journal Search for Washington Post

1. Journal Search: Enter the name of the newspaper, not the title of the article

When you get a list of titles, choose the best match; it's often--but not always--the first one listed.

If you don't see a match, you can Ask the Library for help.

sample journal search for washington post

2. Look through the options and choose the one covers the time period you are looking for; sometimes different databases will provide access to different years so you may have to search more than one.

In this example, we chose EBSCOhost Newspaper Source Plus but EBSCOhost Regional Business News should work the same way.

sample journal search for washington post

3. Once you choose a specific database, you may have the option to "search within this publication" (wording may be different in other databases) or to browse an issue from a specific date.

While databases are usually updated every day, there may be a delay of several days or more for specific content to appear. Publishers sometimes put an "embargo" on content and do not allow the most recent material to appear on databases or websites other than their own.
For example, will have more up-to-date content than what appears on a database from [in this case] EBSCO.

sample journal search for washington post

4. When you click on "search within this publication" you will get an autofilled search box that shows the field name code ("JN") for the newspaper.

Search for topic by adding words along with "and" in the search box. For example, you might have a search that reads:
federal budget and JN "Washington Post, The". If you leave out "and" it won't work.

Other databases, especially those from other companies (for example, Gale or ProQuest) will have slightly different search options. In this example, we are searching a database from EBSCO and most of its databases will look the same. 

sample journal search for washington post

Other Newspaper and News Databases through FIT Library

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