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New York Times (NYT)

New York Times website: How do I use it?

New York Times bannerThe short answer is just go to and search away, but it's not always the best option

Bonus features only available on  include:

  • Times Topics which brings together stories on popular and timely issues
  • Opinion page
  • Easy access to archived issues (2008- recent) of T Magazine, The Times' style magazines covering fashion, design, travel, culture )
  • Video and Multimedia for news and feature stories
  • The Today's Paper feature lists all articles in the order in which they appeared in the various section of the paper and show the layout of the physical newspaper front page. It defaults to today's date, but you can use the calendar to go back several years.
  • Times Machine covers 1851 to 2002 and shows entire pages. The Replica Edition covers the paper from the past 30 days only but shows each page as well. Unfortunately, both are only available to digital subscribers and do not work with the New York Times Academic Pass.

Sharing New York Times article links: Gift Articles

New York Times online subscriptions--including the access available through FIT's NYT Academic Pass-- have a feature ("Gift Articles") that allow you to share a limited number of articles with users who may not have their own subscription access. Currently, up to 10 articles per calendar month can be "gifted" and these links will only be valid for 14 days from the date of sharing. 

FACULTY: Note that due to these this limitations, the feature may not be suitable to share links with your students; please encourage them to register for their own free access to the New York Times Academic Pass, through the Library database pages, so they will be able to access a virtually unlimited number of articles without worrying about an expiring link.

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