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Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Where to start

You'll need background information on your industry to create an effective business plan to present to banks, venture capitalists or "angel investors" who might fund your business. Don't forget to talk to people in your chosen industry about their experiences and insights.

Know your customer

The FIT Library has many market research reports on different industry segments and demographic groups. Use our Consumer Demographics & Psychographics  Research Guide to find these sources.

Trade Associations

Look for trade associations in your field that might have inside information. Organizations whose members are people working in your industry can often provide statistics, directories of suppliers, updates, news and events in the field, etc

Search for Industry Associations through Business Insights: Essentials (FIT user name and password required)
NOTE that after logging in, you must choose "Advanced Search" and then "Content Area: Associations" from the pull-down menu.

Industry Sources : Databases with reports, articles, statistics and more

Market Share & Business Rankings in Databases

Many business and trade publications contain these kinds of ranking and market share lists. Some lists get picked up by Statista (see details above) and/or Market Share Reporter and Business Rankings Annual (available through Business Insights Essentials see above), but there is a time lag so searching directly in industry publications may help you find more recent information. Also, if you find a relevant list in one of the recommended databases, check the website of the publication or organization listed as the source to see if there is an update.

Some recommended lists:

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