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Intercultural Communications and Global Business Etiquette

About this Guide

Intercultural communication can be spoken or written communication, body language and expression, or design that is meant to "speak" to a specific cultural viewpoint.

These selected resources, chosen from FIT Library's print and online collections and supplemented by outside sources we have reviewed, will let you think about and design your own path to communicating globally.

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Selected books

The FIT Library has many books on doing business with other countries or regions of the world; how to conduct business and expected behavior (e.g. greetings) is often discussed.

Try some of these phrases when searching OneSearch ("Physical Items" search)

  • Business anthropology
  • Business communication [name of country or region]
  • Business etiquette [name of country or region]]
  • Corporate culture [name of country or region]
  • Cross-cultural orientation
  • Cultural relations
  • Intercultural communication
  • International business enterprises
  • Management cross-cultural studies
  • Marketing cross-cultural studies.
  • Negotiation in business [name of country or region]

Some especially relevant titles include:


More links available in the websites & databases section of the International Trade Research Guide

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