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New York: People, Places and Things

Using OneSearch to find books and e-books

Some examples of subjects ("Words in subject" option) to use when searching OneSearch:
Person, place, thing, event, concept -- past or present: for example:
    Afro-American Burial Ground New York NY

    Apartment houses New York NY
    Architecture New York NY
    Asian Americans New York State Social life and customs

    B. Altman & Co
    Bronx New York NY History
    Brooklyn Bridge New York NY

    Buildings  New York NY                              
    Clothing workers  New York NY
    Draft Riot New York NY 1863
    Hip-hop New York State

    Historic buildings New York NY
    New York NY  Buildings structures etc Pictorial works.
    New York NY  Stores shopping centers etc
    Shopping New York NY Guidebooks

    Stores Retail New York NY Directories  

For creative depictions, try the following "words in subject"  searches in OneSearch:
[specific place]  in art
[specific place]  in literature
[specific place]  in motion pictures

[specific place]  Fiction                                                   
[specific place]  Poetry
[specific place]  Pictorial works               
[specific place]  Drama
[specific place]  Comic books, strips, etc

For example: Brooklyn Bridge in art, Coney Island fiction, New York in motion pictures


Quick info e-books

You can find basic and background information on many topics using these FIT Library databases. As easy to use as Wikipedia, but considered more reliable since most articles are signed by the author and cite their sources.

E-Books from sources outside FIT

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