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OneSearch : Suggested Search Words and Phrases

  • Brand Name Products
  • Inventions
  • Design Industrial
  • New Products
  • Advertising
    • TIP:Use the asterisk (*) to broaden your search: advertis* will search advertise, advertisement, advertisements, and advertising.
  • Logos symbols


  • Try searching the specific brand name e.g. Coca Cola or company e.g. Revlon, or type of product e.g. toys (for LEGOs); dolls (for Barbie dolls)
  • Use synonyms, alternative, & related terms: cars OR automobiles; for kitchenware: kitchen utensils; tableware; household appliances
  • To search for information about a specific time period:
    • add ‘history’ to one of the search suggestions above, e.g. brand name products history; design industrial history
    • add a century'  e.g. design industrial 19th century 
    • for decades in the 20th century, spell it out e.g. nineteen sixties

Selected websites

  Company / Designer / Trade Association web sites

  • May include useful information about product, company, or designer
  • May include images
  • Content and number and size of images vary
  • Ease of use of sites vary
  • Look for company "archives" or timelines to see historical and milestone information
  • Images may be limited to objects currently in production and/or available for sale
    Examples:   General Electric    Philippe Starck

Collector or object-dedicated web sites
Sites organized by collectors or by other knowledgeable, interested parties can be very informative and include, or lead to, useful images

Example:   Eva Zeisel Forum     Toaster Museum    

Google patent search

  • Finds patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued from 1790 to the present
  • Includes 8 million patents and 3 million patent applications
  • Includes the scans of the original documents with image
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