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Art Market Studies

Databases for Fine Art Research

The library has a number of databases that provide information on art history, biographies of current and historical artists, and offer access to art magazines, journals, and other publications. You can find these databases in the database section of the Library's website under the subject Art History & Fine Arts / Illustration / Photography. Some particularly recommended options are listed below:

Finding Print Materials

The Library also has a good collection of print materials on art history, specific arts, and significant works. You can find these materials by searching in the Library's catalog, OneSearch, as described below:


Search OneSearch using the following headings for Art History



Abject art

Abstract expressionism

Aesthetic movement Art

Aesthetic movement Art Great Britain

Aesthetic movement Art Influence

Aesthetic movement British art


Aesthetics American

Aesthetics British

Aesthetics Dictionaries

Aesthetics French

Aesthetics History

Aesthetics Modern 20th century

Aesthetics Terminology

  See also headings such as: John Ruskin 1819-1900 Aesthetics.

African American painters

African American women artists


Anarchism and art

  See also: Anarchism in art ; Anarchist artists

Anatomy, Artistic

Anatomy, Artistic Early works to 1800

Anthropomorphism in art

Antique auctions


  See also headings such as:  Bible Antiquities ; Maya Antiquities ; Mexico Antiquities ; Palestine Antiquities

Appropration Art

Archaeological expeditions

Archaeological thefts


  See also: Archaeology Congresses ; Archaeology History ; Archaeology Medieval


  See also: Architectural historians ; Architects ; Architecture Orders


Art American 18th century

Art American 19th century

Art American 20th century

Art American 21st century

Art American Japanese influences

Art Ancient Forgries

Art Celtic Gaul Roman influences

Art Collectors and collecting

Art Collectors and collecting Psychology

Art Computer network resources

Art Exhibition techniques

Art Exhibition techniques History

Art Exhibitions

Art Forgeries

Art Historiography

Art History

  See also headings such as: Civilization Medieval ; Copper age.

Art History Methodology

Art Methodology

Art Modern

Art Modern 20th century Conservation and restoration

Art Modern 20th century Periodicals

Art Modern Collectors and collecting

Art Modern Purchasing

Art Moral and ethical aspects

Art Periodicals

Art Philosophy

Art Political aspects

Art Psychology

Art Radiography

Art Sources

Art Terminology

Art Abstract

Art and craft debate

Art and history

Art and mythology

Art and philosophy

Art and photography

Art and religion

Art and society

Art and state

Art and vision disorders

Art appreciation

Art auctions

Art auctions Corrupt practices

Art brut

Art centers

Art criticism

Art criticism Authorship

Art criticism History 15th century

Art criticism History 16th century

Art critics Biography

Art dealers

Art deco

Art deco Periodicals

Art forgers

Art galleries, Commercial

Art historians

Art in motion pictures

Art museums

Art nouveau

Art patronage

    See also headings such as:

    Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, 1476-1534 Art patronage ;

    Europe Kings and rulers Art patronage.

Art schools

Art thefts

Art treasures in war


Artist couples

Artist couples Biography

Artistic collaboration


Artists Autographs

Artists Biography

  See also: Artists France Biography

Artists Correspondence

Artists Fiction

Artists Homes and haunts

Artists Interviews

Artists Political activity

Artists Psychology

Artists Relations with women

Artists as cartographers

Artists' marks

Artists' models

Artists' models Biography

Artists' preparatory studies

Artists' spouses

Artists' spouses Biography

Artists' studios

Arts History

Arts and crafts movement

  See also: Arts and crafts movement England Influence ; Arts and crafts movement Influence

Ashcan School of art

Ashington Group

Assemblage Art

Auction catalogs

Avant-garde Aesthetics

  See also: Avant-garde Aesthetics Great Britain ; Avant-garde Aesthetics Russia Federation

Barbizon School


Biedermeier Art

Blaue Reiter (Group of artists)

Blaue Vier (Group of artists)

Bloomsbury group

Body art

Bohemianism 19th century

Bohemianism 20th century

Bohemianism in art

Bronze Age


Buddhism and art

Buddhist art and symbolism


Cave churches

Cave paintings

Chicago Imagists (Group of artists)

Christian art and symbolism

Church decoration and ornament

Civilization Ancient

Civilization Ancient Blogs

Civilization Ancient Electronic information resources

Classicism in art

Cobra Association

Colonial revival Art

Color in art

  See also: Black ; Black Folklore ; Black in art ; Symbolism of colors.

Computer art

Conceptual art

Concrete art

Constructivism Art

Constructivism Art Russia Federation

Copper age

Counter-Reformation in art

Creaton Literary artistic etc.


Cubism Influence


De Stijl Art movement

Decoration and ornament

Decoration and ornament Architectural

Decoration and ornament Japan European influences

Decoration and ornament Japan History

Decoration and ornament Plant forms

Delft school


  See also: Design History ; Design Space age

Digital art

Dissident art

Drapery in art

Drawing Early works to 1800

Eclecticism in art

Eclecticism in architecture

École de Paris

Egyptian language Writing, Hieroglyphic

Eight (Group of American artists)

Environment Art

Erotic art

Erotic sculpture

Ethnic art

Excavations Archaeology

Exoticism in art

Expatriate artists

  See also: Expatriate artists Biography ; Expatriate artists France Paris Exhibitions

Expressionism Art


Fashion and art

  See also: Fashion in art ; Fashion in art History


Federal Art Project

Feminism and art

Feminist art criticism

Figurative art

Figurative painting

Figure painting

Fluxus Group of artists

Folk art

Fontainebleau school of art

Forgery of antiquities

Found objects Art

Fraktur art

Functionalism in art

Futurism Architecture

Futurism Art

Genre painting

Genre painting Victorian

Gilding History

Glass art

Gothic revival Art


Happenings Art

Harlem Renaissance

Historic buildings

Historic sites

Hudson River school of landscape painting

Human figure in art

Icon painting

Icon painting Byzantine influences


Idealism in art

Identity Philosophical concept in art

Idols and images

Illumination of books and manuscripts

Illumination of books and manuscripts Celtic

Illumination of books and manuscripts Gothic

Illumination of books and manuscripts Iranian

Illumination of books and manuscripts Medieval

Illumination of books and manuscripts Mogul

  See also: Books of Hours.

Illusion in art

Image Philosophy Dictionaries

Impressionism Art

Impressionist artists

Installations Art

Interactive art

Interactive multimedia

Internationalism in art

Iron age

Islamic arts

  See also: Islamic architecture ; Islamic art Influence ; Islamic art and symbolism


Jewish art and symbolism

Kinetic art


K.O.S. Group of artists

Landscape in art

Landscape painting


Light art

Ling-nan school of painting

Lost articles

Lost works of art

Luminism Art

Magic realism Art

Mannerism Art

Marine painting

Material culture

Memphis Group

Mewar painting

Minimal art

Minimal sculpture

Modernism Aesthetics

Modernism Aesthetics History 20th century

Modernism Art

Modernism Art Influence


Moscow school of icon painting

Multiculturalism in art

Multiple art

Mural painting and decoration

Mural painting and decoration Political aspects

Nabi Group of writers

Narrative art

Narrative art Renaissance

Narrative painting

National Socialism and art

Naturalism in art

Neo-impressionism Art

Neoclassicism Art


Neue Sachlichkeit Art

New Deal art

New Italian manner Art movement

New York school of art

Nueva Presencia Group of artists

Object Aesthetics

Ogunquit Art Colony

Optical art

Optics and art

   See also: Camera lucidas ; Camera obscuras.

Orientalism in art

Orphism Art

Outsider art

Outsider artists

Pahari painting

Painters Biography

Painting Technique Early works to 1800


Performance art


Perspective History

   See also: Optics Islamic countries


Pictorialism Photography movement

Picture frames and framing

Plein-air painting

Pop art

Portrait painting

  See also: Portrait painting American 19th century ; Portrait painting Renaissance

  See also: Nobility Portraits ; Upper class Portraits

Post-impressionism Art


Postmodernism Influence



Primitivism in art

Productivism Art Russia Federation

Psychedelic art

Public art

Purism Art

Rajput painting

Realism in art

Regionalism in art

Religion in art


  See also: Art Renaissance

Revival movements Art

Romanticism in art

Santos Art

Sculpture Appreciation History


Signs and symbols

  See also: Signs and symbols History ; Signs and symbols in Christian art

Site specific art

Site specific installations Art

Social realism

Socialism and art

Socialism and art Russia Federation

Social realism in art

Sōtatsu-Kōrin School

Space Art

Still-life in art

Still-life painting

Street art

Stuckism Art movement

Studio Job

Sublime The

Suprematism in art



  See also: Symbolism History ; Symbolism Art movement

Symbolism in art

Symbolism of colors

Synchromism Art

Tansaekhwa Art movement

Tantric art

Trompe l'oeil painting


Underground movements in art


Wiener Secession

Wiener Werkstätte

Women Portraits

Women art dealers

Women art dealers Interviews

Women artists

Women artists Biography

Women artists History 20th century

Women artists History 21st century

Women artists Museums

Women artists Portraits

Women in art

Women painters

Words in art

Zoological illustration


See also headings such as:  Mythology ; Popular culture ; Punk culture and art : Subculture ; Symmetry Art

See also related headings such as:


Coal miners as artists

Coal miners in art

Exhibitions Design

History Modern 20th century Chronology


Nineteen twenties Exhibitions

Medici House of

Mediterranean Region Civilization

Museum architecture

Museum buildings

Museum techniques


Klimt, Gustav 1862-1918 Relations with women

Bing, Siegfried 1838-1905 Contributions in art nouveau

Rodin, Auguste 1840-1917 Friends and associates

Silk Road Antiquities

Silk Road History

Historic sites Silk Road

Trade routes Asia History

Danske centralasiatiske ekspedition 1st : 1936-1937

Indians Antiquities Conservation and restoration


Art, Drawing, Painting or Sculpture may be subdivided by style, time period, geographic area or civilization, such as:












Early Christian

Early Renaissance










High Gothic

High Renaissance

Late Gothic

Mannerism Art





Modern 17th-18th centuries

Modern 19th century

Modern 20th century

Modern 21st century

Modern  Islamic influences

Modern Japanese influences













Spanish Colonial




See also related headings such as:

Art  Japanese influences

Art Celtic Gaul Roman influences

Art Chinese  Ming-Qing dynasties 1368-1912

Art Chinese  Qin-Han dynasties 221 BC- 220 AD

Art Chinese  Three kingdoms- Sui dynasty 220-618

Art Chinese  Tang-Five dynasties 618-960

Art European Japanese influences

Art Korean Chosŏn dynasty 1392-1910

Art Medieval Italy Venice Islamic influences

Art Mogul

Art Renaissance Islamic influences

Art Safavid

Art Victorian Japanese influences

Artists Japan Edo period 1600-1868

Arts Medieval

Aztec art

Aztecs Antiquities

Bronze age

Buddhism and art

Buddhist art

Buddhist mural painting and decoration

Buddhist painting

Christian art and symbolism

Decorative arts Ancient

Hindu art

Hindu painting

Hindu sculpture

Hindu symbolism

Hindu temples

Illumination of books and manuscripts Arab

Illumination of books and manuscripts Safavid

Inca art

Indian art

Indian art Andes Region

Indian art Central America

Indian art Influence

Indian art Mexico Antiquities

Indian art South America Antiquities

Indians of Mexico Antiquities

Iran History Safavid dynasty 1501-1736 Pictorial works

Islamic art

Islamic art Byzantine influences

Islamic art and symbolism

Islamic arts

Islamic illumination of books and manuscripts

Jaina temples

Jewish art

Jewish art and symbolism

Jewish folk art

Korean American art

Khmer Antiquities

Maya architecture

Middle East Civilization

Minoans Material culture

Mochica Indians Antiquities

Navajo art

Navajo artists

Northmen Exhibitions

Rāgamālā painting

Rajput painting

Shinto art

Sikh art

Small sculpture Ancient

Tantric art

Tlingit art

Zen art

Zuni art

Art, Drawing, Painting or Sculpture may be subdivided by nationality or place such as:  Aboriginal Australian , American , Arab , Caribbean , Europe , European , France , French , Gandhara ; Indic , Iranian , Marquesan , Middle Eastern , Mogul , Oceania , Tibetan , United States

See also headings such as:   African American art ; African American artists ; African American painters ; African American women artists ; Arctic peoples Antiquities ; Arctic peoples Material culture ; Arctic regions Antiquities ; Art Aboriginal Australian ; Art Bamun ; Art Baule ; Art Bini ; Art Black ;Art Gabonese ; Art Ilkhanid ; Art Mameluke ; Art Pende ; Art Tropics ; Art Yoruba ; Aztec sculpture ;  Chavin culture ; Chinese American artists ; Civilization Ancient ; Civilization Aegean ; Copper age ; Dominican monasteries ; Egypt Antiquities ; Eskimo art ; Eskimos Antiquities ; Eskimos Material culture ; Ethnic art Oceania ; Etruscans ; Great Britain Antiquities ; Haida artists ; Haida sculpture ; Hispanic American art ; Hopi art ; Hopi artists ;  Inuit Antiquities ; Inuit Material culture ; Inuit art ; Ireland Antiquities ; Maya architecture ; Maya art ; Mexican American art ; Minoans ; Olmec art ;  Painters Flanders ; Painters Netherlands ; Samurai Exhibitions ; Sculpture Benin ; Sculpture Cameroonian ; Sculpture Kuba ; Shipibo-Conibo art ; Textile fabrics Medieval ; Visigoths


See also Subjects in art such as:

Christian art and symbolism

Christian saints in art

Clothing and dress in art

Costume in art

Crosses in art

Dreams in art

Face in art

Fantasy in art

Fashion in art

Fetishism in art

Gods in art

Gods Celtic in art

Grotesque in art

Horror in art

Human figure in art

Jesus Christ Art

Idols and images

Legends in art

Love in art

Male nude in art

Mythology Classical in art

Naturalism in art

Nude in art

Photography in art

Politics in art

Propaganda in art

Racism in art

Realism in art

Shades and shadows in art

Skull in art

Subconsciousness in art

Sun in art

Vampires in art

War in art

West US in art

Women in art

Women heroes in art

Words in art

Working class in art

Yellow in art

See also headings such as:

Aphrodite Greek deity

Celts Folklore

Eucharis Greek mythology Art

Legends Europe

Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint

Mythology Celtic

Mythology Classical

Quetzalcoatl Aztec deity In art

Telemachus Greek mythology Art

Veil of Veronica

Venus de Milo

For Design motifs: search Decoration and ornament subdivided by style, such as:

  Decoration and ornament Art deco

  Decoration and ornament Art nouveau


See also specific Auction houses, museums, galleries, collections, schools and exhibitions  such as:

Armory Show 1913 New York NY

Art Vatican City

Biennale de Venezia

Cloisters Museum

Exposition Internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes 1925 Paris France

Fondation Claude Monet à Giverny

Galleria degli Uffizi

Gosudarstvennyĭ Ėrmiazh Russia

INKhUK Art School

Kennedy Gallery

Romanov House of  Art collections

Salon Exhibition

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc

Ukiyo-e Society of America

Vatican Palace Vatican City

Windsor, House of  Art collections

See also: Exhibitions Design ; Museum architecture ; Museum techniques ; Museums


See also Art and historical topics such as:

Art Political aspects

Art and war

Art treasures in war

Communism and art

Federal Art Project

France History Revolution 1789 1799 Art and the revolution

Medici Family Art patronage

Medici, House of

Mural painting and decoration Political aspects

National socialism and art

Nationalism and art Russia Federation

Nazi propaganda

New Deal art

Political cartoons

Political posters

Political posters Soviet

Politics in art

Propaganda in art

  See also Fascist propaganda ; Propaganda Communist.

Revolutions in art

Soviet Union History Revolution 1917 1921

Soviet Union History 1921 Art and the revolution

Spain History Civil War 1936 1939 Art and the war

Totalitarianism and art

United States Cultural policy History 20th century

World War 1914 1918 Art and the war

World War 1939 1945 Art and the war

World War 1939 1945  Posters






Site specific art

Site specific installations Art

Site specific sculpture

    See also headings such as: Architectural ironwork ; Cave paintings ; Excavations Archaeology ; Extinct cities ; Historic house museums ; Mounds ; Pavements, Mosaic ; Rock paintings ; Ship burials ; etc.

See also specific artworks, buildings or sites such as:

Angkor Extinct city Buildings, structures, etc

Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano

Blenheim Palace England

Codex Peresianus

Cyprus Antiquities

Elgin marbles

Excavations Archaeology Egypt

Excavations Archaeology England

Hatshepsut Queen of Egypt Art

Indians of Mexico Antiquities Aerial photographs

Israeli West Bank Barrier Pictorial works

Lascaux Cave France Antiquities

Mouseion Akropoleōs

Nazca Lines Site Peru

Olana (Hudson N.Y.)

Olana State Historic Site (Hudson, N.Y.)

Paestum Extinct city

Palazzo Pitti

Palenque Site Mexico

Parthenon Athens Greece

Pergamum Altar of Zeus Sculpture

Picasso Pablo Guernica

Pompeii Extinct city

Ship burials

Street art Palestine

Sutton Hoo Ship Burial England

Temples Cambodia Angkor Extinct city

Temples Greece

Teotihuacán Site San Juan Teotihuacán Mexico

Tikal site Guatemala

Tour Eiffel  Paris France

Tutankhamen King of Egypt Tomb

Vatican City Buildings structures etc.

Versailles France

Yucatán Peninsula Antiquities

Search for artists’ names as authors and subjects subdivided such as:

Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890

Leighton of Stretton, Frederic Leighton, Baron, 1830-1896

Picasso Pablo

Picasso Pablo Catalogues raisonnés

Picasso Pablo Exhibitions

Picasso Pablo Notebooks sketchbooks

Picasso Pablo Portraits


See also headings such as:

Crown jewels Russian History

Pharaohs Exhibitions

Romanov House of  Art collections



Types of art objects

Art objects

Art objects Collectors and collecting

Art objects Conservation and restoration

Art objects Conservation and restoration Handbooks manuals etc.

Art objects Design

    See also headings such as : Art objects African ; Art objects Chinese ; Art objects Japanese

See also types of art objects such as:



    See also headings such as: Andes Region Antiquities ; Antiquities Prehistoric : Arctic peoples Antiquities ; Egypt Antiquities


  See also: Armor China ; Armor Europe History Medieval 500-1500 ; Armor Japan History ; Armor Renaissance

Artists' preparatory studies

Aztec sculpture

Aztecs Antiquities

Basket making

Benedictionals Illustrations

Bible Illustrations

Bible Old Testament Antiquities

Biological illustration  Early works to 1800

Bookbinding Iran

Books of hours

Botanical illustration Early works to 1800



  See also: Calligraphy Arabic ; Calligraphy Celtic ; Calligraphy Japanese ; Calligraphy Persian ; Islamic calligraphy

Carriages and carts


  See also: Maps, Thematic maps ; Artists as cartographers


Cave paintings

Ceremonial objects

Chairs  Sella

Church decoration and ornament

Classical antiquities

Codex Peresianus

Color prints Japanese

Color prints Japanese Edo period 1600-1868

Color prints Japanese Western influences

Coptic textile fabrics

Coral art objects

Crown jewels

Drinking vessels

Early maps

Early printed books

Earthworks Art

Ecclesiastical embroidery Byzantine

Ecclesiastical embroidery Medieval

Enamel and enameling Byzantine

Enamel and enameling Medieval

Encaustic painting


Figure sculpture


Folk art

Found objects Art


Gilding History

Glass art

Glass painting and staining

  See also: Glass painting and staining History 19th century Patterns ; Glass painting and staining History 20th century Patterns ; Glass painting and staining Victorian

Glass sculpture



Illumination of books and manuscripts

  See also:  Illumination of books and manuscripts Anglo-Saxon ; Illumination of books and manuscripts Celtic ; Book of Kells ; Book of Kells Illustrations ; Illumination of books and manuscripts English ; Illumination of books and manuscripts Gothic ; Illumination of books and manuscripts Iranian ; Illumination of books and manuscripts Islamic ; Illumination of books and manuscripts Medieval ; Illumination of books and manuscripts Renaissance ; Illumination of books and manuscripts Romanesque


Indian masks

Interactive multimedia

Islamic art

  See also: Islamic art objects ; Islamic calligraphy ; Islamic decorative arts ; Islamic illumination of books and manuscripts ; Islamic miniature painting ; Islamic painting ; Islamic textile fabrics


Jade art objects

Judaism Liturgical objects

Koran Illustrations

Koran Manuscripts

Landscape painting

Landscape prints


  See also"  Manuscripts Arabic ; Manuscripts Ireland ; Manuscripts Latin Medieval and modern ; Manuscripts Medieval ; Manuscripts Persian ; Manuscripts Renaissance

Marble sculpture Ancient

Marine art

Masks Sculpture

  See also: Masks Cameroon Bamoun ; Masks Gabon ; Masks Pende ; Masks Punu etc.

Material culture Arctic regions

Medals Renaissance

Miniature painting Indic

Miniature painting Iranian


Mixed media Art



  See also: Mosaics Byzantine ; Mosaics Hellenistic ; Mosaics Roman.


Mural painting and decoration

Mural painting and decoration Renaissance


Outdoor sculpture

Pahari painting

Painted enamel

Panel painting

  See also: Panel painting 15th century ; Panel painting Flemish ; Panel painting Gothic ; Panel painting Renaissance ; etc.

Plasterwork Decorative

Plasterwork Decorative History 17th century

Plasterwork Decorative History 18th century

Portrait frames

Portrait miniatures

Portrait painting

Portrait sculpture


Portraits Renaissance


  See also: Prints Renaissance ; Prints 15th century ; Prints 16th century ; etc.


Pueblo pottery


Rare books

Relief Art Iraq

Relief Sculpture

Religious articles

Rock paintings

Sacred stones


Santos Art


Screen painting Japanese

Scrolls Decorative arts

Seals Numismatics

Sepulchral monuments

Site-specific installations Art


Stele (Archaeology)

Synagogue art


Tapestry Baroque

Tapestry Flemish

Tapestry Themes motives

Terra-cotta sculpture

Terra-cotta sculpture Italian

Textile fabrics Ancient

Textile fabrics Medieval

Textile fabrics Prehistoric

Thrones Cameroon Bamoun

Totem poles


Tzutuhil sculpture


Vase painting Greek

  See also: Vases Black-figured ; Vases Greek ; Vases Red-figured

Video art

Viking antiquities

Vikings Material culture

War posters

Watercolor painting


Weapons China

Weapons Japan History


Wood-engraving 19th century

Wood sculpture Gabonese


See also headings such as:  African American art ; Art Bini ; Art Black ; Art Pende ; Buddhist art ; Eskimo art ; Great Britain Antiquities ; Haida artists; Haida sculpture ; Hispanic American art ; Indian art ; Indians of North America Industries ; Inuit art ; Ireland Antiquities ; Mexican American art ; Navajo art ; Olmec art ; Sculpture Kuba ; Sculpture Pergamene

See also: Textile fabrics History

  See also: Textile fabrics Ancient ; Textile fabrics Ancient Analysis ; Textile fabrics Medieval ; Textile fabrics Prehistoric ; Textile fabrics Prehistoric Italy ; Textile fabrics Roman

Textile fabrics History 16th century Exhibitions

Textile fabrics History 17th century Exhibitions

Textile fabrics History 18th century Exhibitions

Textile fabrics History 19th century Exhibitions

Textile fabrics History 20th century

Textile fabrics History Pictorial works


Art American refers to works of art by Americans,

whereas Art New York (N.Y.), or Art United States refers to works of art by location.

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