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Art Market Studies

What is a Catalogue Raisonné?

A catalogue raisonné is a complete list of an artists works in a particular medium, in all media, or sometimes during a particular period. This list is annotated to include information about each of the works. Though the exact information included varies, often depending on what is known about the work, often the following are included:

  • A picture of the work
  • The date of the work
  • The title of the work
  • The medium/media used
  • The known provenance
  • A list of exhibitions in which is appeared

Sometimes critical materials or analysis is also included. Needless to say, catalogue raisonné can be quite helpful when researching a piece or an artist. You can find them in OneSearch using the search box below by searching with the author's name and catalogue raisonné. If FIT does not hold a catalogue raisonné relevant to your work, you may want to use the Resources Beyond FIT page to see if one is available elsewhere.


Other Sources for Catalogues Raisonné

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