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What are Psychographics?

The grouping of people according to psychological factors — specifically, their activities, interests and opinions. Information about activities (work, hobbies, sports, holidays, etc.), interests (family, home, food, media, etc.) and opinions (about self, politics, business, education, etc.) is obtained using an Activities, Interests and Opinions questionnaire (an AIC questionnaire) where hundreds of questions are asked to build a profile of the respondent. 

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Mosaic Psychographics in Demographics Now

Demographics Now provides access to Mosaic Psychographics from Experian. These consumer segments are comprised of Mosaic Groups and Mosaic Types within these groups. Mosaic Groups and Types can be identified by geographical location using the following Demographics Now services 

  • Demographic Comparison Reports (can be used for side-by-side comparison of multiple locations) 2:27 min
  • Demographic Summary Reports (best for looking at a single geographic location) 5:55 min
  • Maps -  Variables 7:44 min

Mosaic Documentation

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