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Citing Sources: MLA

Online Forecast


The MLA Handbook does not have suggestions for how to cite forecasts so FIT Librarians have constructed the following suggestions based on the format for websites.‚Äč


"Hyperreal/Women's Inspiration." Doneger Creative Services,  Henry Doneger Associates, Inc, Spring/Summer 2020,'s-Inspiration-2.html.

It's best to include a URL to the specific forecasting report, but some of our forecasting databases don't have internal links that can be copied and saved.  We recommend copying and pasting the main URL from the library's database list so you at least have a functioning link for your professor to access.

Craggs, Hannah. "Colour Evolution A/W 20/21." WGSN. 24 Oct. 2018,

Print Forecast

Paint Swatch

For a print forecast, follow the citation format for a book.

Print forecast - citing the entire forecast book:

Design Concept. Spring/Summer 2018, Doneger Creative Services, 2015.

Print forecast - citing a forecast story within the book:

"Infinite." Design Concept, Spring/Summer 2018, Doneger Creative Services, 2015, pp. 29-49.

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