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Citing Sources: MLA

Page of a Website


Websites are often missing information like the author's name or date published.  Try and include as many details as you can but if you can't find the information on the website, leave it out of the citation.  Remember to delete http:// from the beginning of the URL, it is not needed. The access date is optional but you may want to include it if the webpage lacks a publication date.

Basic Format:

Editor, author, or compiler name (if available). "Name of Page." Name of Site. Version number, Name of institution/organization affiliated with the site (sponsor or publisher), date of resource creation (if available), URL, DOI or permalink. Date of access (if applicable).


Calahan, April. "Egyptian Elegance: Youssef Rizkallah." Material Mode. Fashion Institute of Technology, 18 Oct. 2018, 

If the name of the website and the publisher are exactly the same, only list the website name.

"About the Museum." The Museum at FIT. Accessed 3 Jan. 2019.

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