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For Fun: Free Online Offerings

This guide provides suggestions for free learning and entertainment made available just for the Covid-19 Shelter in Place period, spring 2020.

Virtual Travel & Tours

Explore Virtual Tours Online

Museo Nacional de Antropologia web sitecover page

  • Famous Worldwide Sites
  • Street Art
  • Museums
  • Monuments
  • Cultural destinations
  • Watch the Southern or Northern Lights (Auroras)
  • Tour museums worldwide using Google Culture

Let's take a virtual journey around the world. 

Auroras - Natural Color and Light

South Pole | Night in Antarctica -- Southern Lights (aurora australis)

Shot by Robert Schwarz, CMB-Observatory (Cosmic Microwave Backgroud) operator and technician at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. Post-Production, Edit and Stock-footage management by Martin Heck, Timestorm Films (Posted on YouTube Feb. 4, 2019)

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