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Online Trend Services

To use these online services, you MUST have a current, valid, FIT username and password.

Try our newest online forecast: Peclers(+)

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- with Women's, Men's, Kids and Babies, Colors, Futurs, Decor, Beauty and more ...

Current Print Forecasts Title List

These Forecasts are restricted to current FIT students, faculty and staff. Visitors may only view the past issues of these forecasts. 

The Current Seasons include: F/W 2017/18, S/S 2018, and F/W 2018/19. 

When requesting forecasts: please include company name and title of forecast, as well as the season you wish to see.
For example:

Company                          Title                          Season
Carlin International        Inmouv: Active       S/S 2018

(Please note: we may not have each forecast for each season. If we do not have the forecast you requested, we will ask if you would like to see the forecast from a different season or substitute a different forecast from the same season)

Fashion Snoops - New Features

Peclers(+) - How to Guide

WGSN - Cheatsheet & "How to" videos

Yes - WGSN has a "new look" as of March 2016!  Learn more about it here.

WGSN : Creating a new account / logging-in to your account

Current FIT students, faculty and staff must create their own personal accounts to use to use workspaces and design tools , including Colour Play,  in WGS.

  • Go to WGSN and select the 'Log In' link on the upper right to Create a a new account or to log on to your existing WGSN (or Stylesight) account.  Log into the database proxy with your FIT username and password.
  • To create a new account:
    • Select : Create a new account
    • Fill out your name and email address; you must provide your FIT email address to receive your password.
    • Your FIT email address will be your username.  A password will be sent to your FIT email so you can  activate the account.
    • Use your FIT email address and the password to login to WGSN. You can change your password.

Once you have created your account, log on to WGSN, by selecting the database WGSN and using the Log In link in the upper right.

Account logins are valid for 90 days.  After that, you must reactivate your account.

NOTE:  WGSN & Stylesight merged into one forecast service called WGSN on August 4, 2014.  If you already had a Stylesight account, your same usernamer and password works for WGSN.  Selecting either database takes you to the same WGSN log-in page. Important: Separately issued Stylesight forecasts were discontinued after the Spring/Summer 2016 reports.

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