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FIT Design Entrepreneurs

A guide of library marketing resources available to FIT Design Entrepreneurs!


This guide will help you navigate the Market Research and Trend Forecasting resources that the FIT Library has to offer.

Access to Information

To use most of our online services or collections all you need is an FIT Design Entrepreneurs Username & Password.  Some services require additional, personal accounts. 

An FIT Design Entrepreneur Username and Password will provide you with -

  • Access to online trend forecasting and market research services

  • Access to e-books and articles via our catalog

  • Access to the computers in the library labs

To use our print collections and library space, come to the 5th floor of the Goodman Center at the corner of 27th St and 7th Ave (same as museum).

As FIT Design Entrepreneurs you have browsing access materials in the open stacks. Unless you also happen to be an FIT student, staff or faculty member, you do not have borrowing priviledge, meaning that you can not take materials home. 

Reasons to come to the library:

  • One-on-one help from a librarian
  • Our amazing magazine and journal collection
  • Free scanners
  • Computers and WiFi
  • Low-cost printing and photocopying.
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