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Company and Industry Information

What's the difference between a company history and a company profile?

  • A company history is usually pretty straightforward: some information about the founding of a company with notable events or achievements up to the time it was written, or the time a company dissolved. Sometimes, you will find a more basic outline with just dates and brief notes, and it might be called a chronology or timeline rather than a history. Histories can be one page long, or an entire book.
  • Company profiles are... whatever you or the compiler of one wants it to be! One might include:
    • history or chronology 
    • mission statement or vision statement
    • financial information: sales figures, stock prices, etc.
    • operating results
    • industry information and where the company fits in, such as what are some of its competitors

If your professor wants you to create or find a profile, make sure you understand what they are looking for. 

Company Histories in Databases

Screen shot of Hoovers database main page   Business Insights Essentials

Databases on the FIT Library Web Site:   (current FIT username/password required)

Company Histories and Profiles in Books and eBooks

Researching Old or Defunct Companies (Video from the Library of Congress)

Historic Annual Reports Available Online

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