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Company and Industry Information

Global Markets

Although all business is global these days, some of the databases listed in the company and industry tabs on this guide focus on the U.S. market. The sources listed on this page have a significant amount of content about industries, markets and/or background info and lifestyles for other countries, too. 

Country Reports in Databases

Country Monitor Reports from IHS Markit , and MarketLine Country Profile Series , and Fitch Solutions Country Risk Reports can be found by:

  • Choosing "Advanced Search" > Search Options > Limit your results > Publication Type >  Country Reports
  • You can just click on "Search"  use that to get a list of all the reports, or you can also combine it with name of a country that you add in the main search box on the page and then click on Search.
  • Also look for  
    • CountryWatch Country Review reports, with annual summaries going back to 2000 for many countries.
      Covers political, economic, investment, social and environmental overviews.
    • OECD Economic Surveys cover mostly Europe, North America, and some of Latin America, Asia, Oceania.
    • TIER Reports are for industries in Taiwan and China 

Look for

  • COUNTRY OUTLOOKS: Over 150 countries are covered, with 50 of them given more in-depth attention;
    These reports, compiled by Statista staff, seem to be based on some of the reliable sources (like the World Bank) that we mention on other parts of this guide. They are especially helpful for background information that can be compared country to country

Other Suggested Sources

Why we like these resources:

  • trusted sources: some combination of acknowledgement as expert in their field, been around a long time, etc
  • recent information
  • methodology or other detailed explanations

How to find similar information:

  • look for official government sources from the country you're researching
  • NGOs (non-governmental organizations) may have a more open perspective--and often a global/comparative one, too--compared to governmental sources. But d a quick background check/Google search on any organization whose info you want to use so you know what their slant (or possibly hidden agend) might be
  • a mix of both is great!

WORLD BANK : Several data sources and analysis portals, including


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