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Time Periods Research

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Having  trouble find information about fashions of the 1890's?  Images of Elizabethan dress?  Books on 50's architecture? This guide is designed to help you find information relating to a particular decade, time period, or specific year.


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YEARS: A search for information about a specific year or years works best as a "title" search or "subject" search.

DECADES:   When searching by subject, spell out the decade (e.g. "eighteen nineties"). When searching by title, anything goes:  1960s, sixties, 60s

CENTURIES:  Use a subject or title, trying both numerals and words.You can even combine the two.  For example: (19th OR nineteenth) AND century AND costume

ERAS & HISTORICAL EVENTS:  It is useful to have the names of eras, time periods and intellectual or design movements in mind. Examples:  Edwardian, Art Deco, Medieval, Ante Bellum, Rococo, etc. Specific events that define a time period can be tricky to search by common name.  Example: In our catalog World War II is described as World War, 1939-1945

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