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Linking to Library Databases, Journals, and Articles

Do you ask your students to keep current with trade and industry news?  Do you list key publications in your course shells that you think the students should consult for research projects or class discussions? The following is advice on how you can suggest key resources and directly link to them through the FIT Library's online subscriptions

Link to Our Databases by Subject

If you would like to list all the online resources available in one subject, our list of database by subject can be found here

 Each subject page can be linked to in Blackboard individually by copying and pasting the url. 

Link to particular magazines and journals

Use the Journal Search tool in OneSearch to find and access online journals.

Journal Title

Once you find a journal that you want your students to browse or search online, click on the link symbol to access a persistent link to our record for that particular online magaznie or journal. 

link to journal record

Locating Persistent URLS in Library Database Search Results

All of our databases allow for the sharing of content links but each content provider has a has a different way of doing it. The main principle is to look for what tools are available to you that indicated sharing or linking. Here are a few common examples


JSTOR ejournal collection

Look for the "Remote Access URL" on the left of the page listed last nder the title and publication information. Select the copy icon to copy and paste. There is also a something called a "Stable URL", shich should be used to share with individual outside of the FIT community.

EBSCO databases:   

Select  "permalink or link icon from the side bar menu to the right of an open article.    



 Popular Ebsco databases

  • Business Source Complete
  • Academic Search Complete
  • Art Full-Text
  • Ebsco Ebook Collection
Gale databases:
With the article view open, select the "Get link" option on the upper right.  Clicking on it will open a window with the persistent link, select and right click or command keys to copy. 



Popular Gale databases:

  • General OneFile
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Literature Resource Center
  • Business Insights Essentials
ProQuest databases

Select "All Options" (elipses) and click on the url at the top of the "All save options" box that opens - it will automatically copy the persistent link to your clipboard.







Popular ProQuest databases:

  • Vogue Archive
  • New York Times Historical
  • Wall Street Journal
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