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Information Literacy Standards and Assessment

What is information literacy and how is it applicable to field you teach? 

Information literacy is the skill set required for recognizing the nature of an information need and fullfilling the need by effectively locating and ethically using qualilty, reliable, and applicable information content. With in specific disciplines information skills may intersect and overlap with digital, visual or media literacy skills.

Many professional organization have create standards and frameworks for information literacy and related literacies. Here are a few we think you might find useful  

Effective Library Assignments

  1. Check to make sure that the sources needed for completing the assignment are in FIT Library. If you assign a topic requiring particular sources, search OneSearch to determine if we own the journal, magazine, or newspaper you require for your assignments. Browse our databases by subect or name to see what services we subscribe to - what's new and what no longer exists.
  2. Assign a variety of topics for larger classes. Some items are limited by number. If many students are working on the same topic, the items may not be available to them all. Placing such items on Reserve at the Library Services Desk insures all students have equal access to these items.
  3. Avoid scavenger hunt questions.Most students do not know the range of resources available in the Library. They have little if any idea where to begin searching for answers to this type of question. They often focus on finding the answer rather than on examining the sources they are using.
  4. Send a copy of the assignment to the Research and Instructional Services Unit. This allows us to prepare and to notify you of any problems we might foresee. Let us know if want students to use specific sources.
These sites can be used to find Open Access lesson plans and learning activities that focus on information literacy skills. 

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