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MakerMinds at FIT

Information about upcoming and past MakerMinds events

The Event

With the 3D Exquisite Corpse we aimed to highlight FabLab services while introducing as many novices as possible to 3D modeling by incorporating the surrealist art game, known as Exquisite Corpse.  The game usually requires folding paper and in our 3D version we use the free software, Sculptris, and multiple teams of three random players to draw the heads, torsos and legs of our "corpses." 



Images from the Event

PrintFX Services

Full Service Area
Drop off service for printing, copying,
large format scanning, bookbinding & FabLab

3D printing & laser cutting

First come, first serve!
Flatbed scanning, 3D scanning, 3D printing, trimming &
soft-proofing using a color calibrated monitor

Online Ordering
On & off campus
Available for current FIT students & employees only
Not for FIT departmental jobs

Easy & Fast Payment System
Add funds to your online account 

Easy Budget-To-Budget Payment System
For departmental jobs
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