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Declare your Your Pronouns! Wear Your Pronouns!

Make buttons using the Library's button maker and our supplies!

  • We are going to have content on-hand for those who want to create buttons reflecting their pronouns or identity, but you are also welcome to make buttons on other topics, including those featuring your own artwork if you bring it with you.

  • We will be providing the tools and materials to create 1" and 2.25" buttons. We will provide materials on a first-come-first-serve basis and cannot guarantee that we won't run out, so we hope you'll join us early!

What Are Pronouns? Why Do They Matter?

You may take pronouns for granted, but not everyone has that privilege. Some people regularly encounter individuals unintentionally or even intentionally using the incorrect pronouns for them. This is called "misgendering" a person. Particularly for those who are transgender and/or nonbinary, this can be stressful, frustrating, humiliating, and even scary. For this reason, it is very important to know a person's pronouns and use them consistently and correctly. The video below explains the importance of pronouns.

What about gender neutral pronouns? Some people may use a gender neutral set of pronouns. There are many different sets of gender neutral pronouns. The chart below shows how some gender neutral pronouns are used.

Gender Neutral Pronouns and Usage

Recommended Books on Identity

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