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Crochet, Knitting, and Coding


What do these things have in common?

Coding, knitting and crochet share structural similarities: they are both information expressed in symbolic abbreviations. Because of these similarities, knitting has been used historically to convey coded messages. In this workshop, we offer the chance for students to knit or crochet their own short messages in either Morse or ASCII codes. We'll demonstrate ways to translate these into fiber and help students understand why this works.

For this event, we will help students with some crochet and knitting experience plan a coded message for their project. We'll present some information about how knitting was used in espionage during World War II. And we'll talk about translating from Morse and ASCII codes into knitted or crochet stitches.

We will not be able to teach students how to knit or crochet at this event.

Translating popular codes into stitches

How is knitting like coding?

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