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Fashion Designers

How to find information on designers past and present--biographies, business history and current marketing info, and design/visual research--all listed in one guide

Companies & Brands Databases

Researching Companies with Hoovers

Finding Company information & Annual reports

FYI - The Library does not hold print copies of Annual Reports. This information as well as other financial information is readily available online, and companies often have a 5-10 year archive of past Annual Reports available on their website

To find a company's financial information:

  • Visit the company's website
  • Click on the link to Investor Relations (usually located at the bottom of the homepage or use the site map)
  • Click on Annual Reports or SEC Filings, which may include annual reports
  • Links to investor information may be on the About or Company Information pages
  •  When a store is part of a larger company, their financial information may be included in the parent company's report. For example, Victoria's Secret is a brand of Limitedbrands, so information for Victoria's Secret is located on the Limitedbrands website. Check the About page for a link to the parent company’s website.
  • Try searching the company’s name and “annual report” in a web browser

Key words to use when locating a company's annual reports: Investor Relations, Investors, Company Information, Financial Records, SEC Filings, Annual Report, 10-K, etc.

Finding SWOT Analyses

Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases

Company History - Books and e-resources

To find information on a company history, consult OneSearch  [online catalog] under the company name or try the business category followed by "history". For example: Department stores History.   Some suggested titles:

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