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Adverstising Photographers

Advertising Photographers Directories

Advertising photography

Advertising photography Directories

Advertising photography Periodicals

Aerial photography

Aerial photography in archaeology

    See also : Excavations Archaeology ; Aerial photographs ;  Extinct cities Aerial photographs ; Mexico Antiquities Aerial photographs

Aerial photography in geography

Applied photography

Architectural photography

    See also : Photography of interiors

Art and photography  

    See also : Photography of art

Black-and-white photography

Black-and-white photography 20th century

Cabinet photographs


Camera industry History

Camera obscuras


Cameras History

Cameras Pictorial works

Carte de visite photographs

Color photography

Commercial photography

Copyright Photographs

Dance photography

Documentary photography

Documentary photography New York State New York

Fashion photography

Freelance photography

Graphic camera

Indoor photography

Infrared photography

Instant photography

Instant photography History

Landscape photography

Landscape photography Arctic regions

Legal photography

Libraries Special collections

Libraries Photographs

Literature and photography


Marine photography

Medical photography

Nature photography

    See also: Photography of animals ; Photography of birds ; Photography of cats ; Photography of dogs ; Photography of plants ; etc
     For images of flowers see: Flowers in art ; Flowers Pictorial works ; Photography of plants

Night photography

Outdoor photography

Painting from photographs


Photobooks Publishing


Photograph albums

Photograph collections

Photograph collections Exhibitions

   See also headings such as :

       Library of Congress --Photograph collections ;

       Stieglitz, Alfred Photograph collections


Photographers Biography

Photographers Correspondence

Photographers Diaries

Photographers Directories

Photographers Exhibitions

Photographers Handbooks, manuals, etc

Photographers History

Photographers Interviews

Photographers Legal status, laws, etc.

Photographers Marketing

Photographers Sources

   See also headings such as : Advertising photographers ; African American photographers ; Jewish photographers ; News photographers ; War photographers ; Women photographers ; etc.

Photographic art galleries

Photographic assistants

Photographic criticism

Photographic film industry

Photographic film industry History

Photographic historians


Photographs Archives

Photographs Catalogs

Photographs Collectors and collecting

Photographs Directories

Photographs Exhibitions

Photographs Marketing

Photographs Psychological aspects

Photographs Research

Photographs Trimming, mounting, etc.


Photography Aesthetics

Photography Archival resources

Photography Artistic

Photography Artistic 21st century Collectors and collecting

Photography Artistic Archival resources Catalogs

Photography Biography

Photography Business methods

Photography Catalogs

Photography Collectors and collecting

Photography Computer network resources

Photography Dictionaries

Photography Digital techniques

Photography Digital techniques Periodicals

Photography Directories

Photography Early works to 1850

Photography Economic aspects

Photography Encyclopedias

Photography Equipment and supplies

Photography Exhibitions

Photography History

Photography History 21st century

Photography History and criticism

Photography Humorous

Photography Industrial

Photography Law and legislation

Photography Marketing

Photography Museums

Photography Negatives

Photography Periodicals

Photography Philosophy

Photography Prices

Photography Psychological aspects

Photography Social aspects

Photography Societies

Photography Special effects

Photography Study and teaching

Photography Technique

Photography United States 20th century

Photography United States 21st century

Photography Vocational guidance

Photography Abstract

Photography Artistic

Photography Artistic Catalogs

Photography Artistic Exhibitions

Photography Artistic History

Photography Artistic  Periodicals

Photography Close-up

Photography Erotic

Photography Handworked

Photography Humorous

Photography Industrial

Photography Military

Photography Pinhole

Photography Stereoscopic

Photography Table-top

Photography in education

Photography in engineering

Photography in ethnology

Photography in historiography

Photography in literature

Photography in oceanography

Photography of children

Photography of dogs

Photography of families

Photography of men

Photography of plants

Photography of sculpture

Photography of women

Photography of youth


Photojournalism Awards

Photojournalism Exhibitions

Photojournalism History

Photojournalism History 20th century

Photojournalism Social aspects




Pictorialism Photography movement

Polaroid Corporation

Polaroid Corporation History

Polaroid Land camera

Portrait photography

Portrait photography History

Portrait photography History 19th century

Portrait photography Lighting and posing

Portrait photography United States 20th century

Portrait photography United States 21st century

    See also: African Americans Portraits ; Grandmothers Portraits ; Kings and rulers Portraits ; Princes Portraits ; Princesses Portraits ; Queens Portraits ; Musicians Portraits ; Rock musicians Portraits ; Soldiers Portraits

Slides Photography

Space photography

Space photography Exhibitions
    See also related terms such as : Astronomical photography ; Earth Planet Photographs from space ; Earth Planet Remote-sensing images ; Moon Photographs from space

Spirit photography

Sports photographers

Staged photography

Still-life photography

Stock photography

Stock photography Catalogs

Stock photography Databases

Street photography

Surfer photography

Travel photography

Trick photography

Underwater photography

War photography

War photography Social aspects

   See also headings such as:

        Afghan War 2001-  Photography

        Afghan War 2001-  Portraits

Wedding photography

Wildlife photography

Women photographers

Women photographers Biography

Women photographers Interviews

Zone system Photography






Cameras Collectors and collecting


Color photography

Color photography Printing processes

Color printing

Color printing Digital techniques

Color printing Handbooks, manuals, etc

Color printing Specimens

Color separation

Color separation Data processing

Composition Photography


Drawing from photographs

Electronic cameras


Image processing

Image processing Digital techniques

Images Photographic

Images Photographic Data processing

Images Photographic Periodicals

Infrared photography

Instant photography



Miniature cameras

Painting from photographs




Photoengraving Halftone process


Photographic chemicals

Photographic chemicals Analysis

Photographic chemicals Health aspects

Photographic chemicals Safety measures

Photographic chemistry

Photographic emulsions

Photographic industry

Photographic lenses

Photographic optics

Photographic reproduction of plans drawings

Photographic sensitometry


Photographs Coloring

Photographs Conservation and restoration

Photographs Specimens

Photographs on cloth


Photography Artificial light

Phototgraphy Copying

Photography Data processing

Photography Developing and developers

Photography Digital techniques

Photography Enlarging

Photography Equipment and supplies

Photography Experiments

Photography Exposure

Photography Films

Photography Formulae

Photography Handbooks, manuals, etc

Photography Light filters

Photography Lighting

Photography Negatives

Photography Printing processes

Photography Processing

Photography Retouching

Photography Scientific applications

Photography Special effects

Photography Studios and dark rooms

photography Technique

Photography, Handworked



Photomechanical processes




See also related terms such as: Color Therapeutic use ; Light Physiological effect


Phototypesetting Display type

Phototypesetting Specimens

Polaroid transfers

Portrait photography

Portrait photography Lighting

Portrait photography Posing

Stage lighting


35mm cameras


View cameras

Zone system Photography

See also: Konica camera, Leica camera, Lomo Kompakt Automat camera , Mamiya camera, Olympus camera, Polaroid Land camera

See also headings such as: Polaroid Corporation



Amateur films

Animated films

Animated films Dictionaries

Animated films Production and direction

Animated films Vocational guidance

Animated television programs

Animation Cinematography  

Animation Cinematography History and criticism

Animation Cinematography Vocational guidance


Animators Interviews

Art and motion pictures


Cinematographers Interviews


Cinematography History

Cinematography Lighting

Cinematography Periodicals

Cinematography Processing

Cinematography Special effects

Cinematography Special effects Data processing

Color cinematography

Comedy films

Comedy programs

Computer animation

Credit titles Motion pictures television etc.

Digital cinematography

Digital media Influence

Digital video

Documentary films

Experimental films

Feature films

Grips (Persons) Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Hollywood Los Angeles Calif. Biography

Hollywood Los Angeles Calif. History

Home video systems


Independent filmmakers

Independent films History and criticism

Industrial films

Interviewing on television

Low budget films

Low budget films Production and direction

Made for TV movies

Motion picture cameras

Motion picture editors

Motion picture industry

Motion picture industry California Los Angeles

Motion picture industry Environmental aspects

Motion picture industry Environmental responsibility

Motion picture industry Technological innovations

Motion picture producers and directors

Motion picture producers and directors Biography

Motion picture producers and directors Exhibitions

Motion picture producers and directors Interviews

Motion picture studios

Motion picture trailers

Motion pictures

Motion pictures Art Direction

Motion pictures Production and direction

Puppet films

Short films

Short films Production and Direction

Stage lighting

Stop-motion animation films



Television cameras

Television display systems

Television film recording

Television graphics

Television plays Technique

Three-dimensional display systems

Trick cinematography

Video art

Video recording

Video recording Lighting

Video recordings Production and direction

Video tape recorders

Video tapes


See also headings such as:

DreamWorks Animation

Pixar Firm

Video encyclopedia of the 20th century

Walt Disney Productions


See Photography collections and related headings such as:

George Eastman House

Great Britain Royal Photograph Collection

International Center of Photography

Magnum Photos Inc.

Meatpacking District New York, N.Y. Pictorial works


See also specific photographers such as:

De Meyer, Adolf, Baron, 1868-1949

Weegee 1899-1968


See also related headings such as:  Human geography Remote-sensing images ; Nature Effect of human beings on Remote-sensing images ; Natural resources Remote-sensing images ; Global warming Remote-sensing images ; Climatic changes Remote-sensing images ; etc.



Advertising Fashion

Art and photography

Fashion Periodicals

Fashion Pictorial works

Fashion photographs

Fashion photography

Fashion photography Exhibitions

Fashion photography New York State New York

Fashion shows Pictorial works

Fashion shows Slides

Glamour photography

Hollywood costume designers

Men Portraits

Models Persons

Photography Artistic

Photography Artistic Archival resources Catalogs

Photography Artistic History

Photography Erotic

Photography of men

Photography of the nude

Photography of women

Portrait photography

  See also headings subdivided by Portraits such as: Actors ; Celebrities ; Children ; Entertainers ; Motion picture actors and actresses ;  Musicians ; Princes ; Princesses ; Queens ; Rock musicians ; Women

Portrait photography History

Portrait photography Lighting and posing

Video art

Wedding photography


See also photographers such as:

Avedo, Richard

Dahl-Wolfe, Louise

Horst, 1906-

Mapplethorpe, Robert


FIT videos and DVDs collections include fashion runway videos as well as feature and documentary films.



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