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Advertising Clothing and dress

Advertising Fashion

CAD/CAM systems

CAFTA  Free trade agreement 2005

Children's clothing industry

Clothing and dress

Clothing and dress Care

Clothing and dress Labeling

Clothing and dress Marketing

Clothing and dress Marketing Computer programs

Clothing and dress Packaging

Clothing and dress Remaking

Clothing factories

Clothing factories Automation

Clothing factories Data processing

Clothing factories Electric equipment

Clothing factories Equipment and supplies

Clothing factories Management

Clothing factories Production control

Clothing factories Quality control

Clothing factories Safety measures

Clothing factories Technological innovations

Clothing trade

Clothing trade Accounting

Clothing trade Automation

Clothing trade Capital investments

Clothing trade Case studies

Clothing trade Code numbers

Clothing trade Communication systems

Clothing trade Computer simulation

Clothing trade Contracting out

Clothing trade Corrupt practices

Clothing trade Costs

Clothing trade Costs Forecasting

Clothing trade Customer services

Clothing trade Data processing

Clothing trade Data processing Standards

Clothing trade Developing countries

Clothing trade Economic aspects

Clothing trade Employees

Clothing trade Employees Biography

Clothing trade Employment

Clothing trade Environmental aspects

Clothing trade Equipment and supplies

Clothing trade Europe History To 1500

Clothing trade European Economic Community countries

Clothing trade Fiction

Clothing trade Finance

Clothing trade Forecasting

Clothing trade France Paris History

Clothing trade Government policy

Clothing trade Government regulation

Clothing trade Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Clothing trade Health and hygiene

Clothing trade History

Clothing trade History 19th century

Clothing trade History 20th century

Clothing trade History 21st century

Clothing trade International cooperation

Clothing trade Inventory control

Clothing trade Labeling

Clothing trade Labor productivity

Clothing trade Law and legislation

Clothing trade Management

Clothing trade Management Computer programs

Clothing trade Management Data processing

Clothing trade Marketing

Clothing trade Materials management

Clothing trade Mathematics

Clothing trade Moral and ethical aspects

Clothing trade Newspapers

Clothing trade Personnel management

Clothing trade Planning

Clothign trade Political aspects

Clothing trade Prices

Clothing trade Prices Government policy

Clothing trade Production control

Clothing trade Production standards

Clothing trade Purchasing

Clothing trade Quality control

Clothing trade Social aspects

Clothing trade Standards

Clothing trade Statistics

Clothing trade Study and teaching

Clothing trade Taxation

Clothing trade Technological innovations

Clothing trade Terminology

Clothing trade United States History 20th century

Clothing trade Vocational guidance

Clothing trade Waste minimization

Clothing workers

Clothing workers Attitudes

Clothing workers Case studies

Clothing workers Developing countries

Clothing workers Effect of technological innovations on

Clothing workers Labor unions

Clothing workers Legal status, laws, etc

Clothing workers Psychology

Clothing workers Supply and demand

Clothing workers Training of

Coats Statistics

Collective bargaining Clothing industry United States

Collective labor agreements Clothing trade

Color in clothing

Color in clothing Forecasting

Color in clothing Standards

Color in the textile industries Standards

Computer-aided design

Computer integrated manufacturing systems

Consumption (Economics) Social aspects

Cotton machinery

Cotton manufacture

Cotton textile industry

Department stores

Department stores History

Design protection

Directional stitching

Directional stitching Automation



Dressmaking Pattern design

Dressmaking Patterns History

Dressmaking Patterns Marketing History

Dressmaking Patterns Technological innovations History

Embroidery, Machine


Fashion Forecasting

Fashion Political aspects

Fashion Social aspects

Fashion Vocational guidance

Fashion design

Fashion design Data processing

Fashion design Environmental aspects

Fashion design Moral and ethical aspects

Fashion drawing

Fashion merchandising

Fashion merchandising Fiction

Fashion merchandising Law and legislation

Fashion writing

Flexible manufacturing systems


Footwear industry

Garment cutting Standards

Handbag industry

Handbag industry Statistics

Hat trade

Hosiery industry

Hosiery industry Statistics


International Ladies Garment Workers Union

Inventory control

Inventory shortages

Jacquard knitting machines

Jacquard knitting machines Automatic control

Jewelry trade Statistics

Knit goods

Knit goods Finishing

Knit goods Quality control

Knit goods industry

Knitting machines

Leather garments industry

Leather industry and trade Statistics

Lingerie industry

Lingerie industry Statistics


Looms History

Luxury goods industry

Machine knitting

Machine knitting Equipment and supplies

Machine knitting Patterns

Machine knitting Technique

Machine sewing

Machine sewing Standards

Mannequins Figures

Men's clothing industry

Mills and mill-work

Nondurable goods


Plus-size women's clothing industry

Production control

Protective clothing

Protective clothing Standards

Protective clothing Testing

Purchasing agents

Quality of products

Ready-to-wear clothing industry

Retail trade

Retail trade Security measures

Seams Sewing

Seams Sewing Standards

Seams Sewing Technological innovations


Selling Clothing

Sewing Equipment and supplies

Sewing machine industry

Sewing machines

Sewing machines Collectors and collecting

Sewing machines Design and construction

Sewing machines Equipment and supplies

Sewing machines Handbooks manuals

Sewing machines Maintenance and repair

Shirt making

Shoe industry

Shoe stores

Silk industry in literature

Silk manufacturers

Silk Road

Sleepwear industry


Spinning machinery

Sport clothes

Sport clothes Contracting out

Sport clothes industry

Sport clothes industry Statistics

Stitches Sewing Standards


Sweater industry


Sweatshops History

T-shirt industry


Tariff on clothing

Tariff on footwear

Tariff on leather garments

Tariff on textile fabrics

Tartans Scotland Maps

Textile fabrics

Textile fabrics Environmental aspects

Textile fabrics Recycling

Textile fabrics Standards

Textile factories

Textile factories Automation

Textile fibers

Textile fibers Trademarks

Textile industry

Textile industry Databases

Textile industry Government policy

Textile industry Marketing

Textile industry Quality control

Textile industry Technological innovations

Textile industry Testing

Textile machinery

Textile machinery industry

Twisting machines Textile machinery

Underwear industry

Underwear industry Statistics

Used clothing industry

Used clothing industry Economic aspects


See also: Card weaving , Cotton weaving , Inkle weaving , Jacquard weaving , Silk weaving , Reweaving , Woolen and worsted weaving , etc

Weft knitting

Women clothing workers

Women clothing workers Fiction

Women clothing workers France Paris History

Women costume designers

Women dressmakers

Women silk industry workers

Women silk industry workers in literature

Women textile workers

Women's clothing Economic aspects

Women's clothing industry

Woolen and worsted manufacture

Yarn Manufacture


See also headings such as:  Deindustrialization ; Free trade ; Licensed products ; Manufacturing processes ; Merchandise licensing ; Product design Planning ; Production management ; etc.

See also specific industries such as: Corset industry , Cotton textile industry , Embroidery industry , Feather industry , Foundation garment industry , Glove industry , Linen industry , Silk industry , Used clothing industry


See also headings such as:

Jeans Clothing

Jeans Clothing Advertising

Jeans Clothing Marketing

Jeans Clothing United States Statistics

Jeans Clothing European Union countries Statistics

Jeans Clothing Marketing Statistics





Anthropometry Tables

See also: Women Anthropometry , Children Anthropometry , Proportion Anthropometry

Children’s clothing

Children’s clothing Pattern design

Clothing and dress

Clothing and dress Alteration

Clothing and dress Cleaning

Clothing and dress Details

Clothing and dress Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Clothing and dress Remaking

Clothing and dress Repairing

Clothing and dress Restyling

Clothing and dress Specifications

Clothing and dress measurements

Clothing and dress measurements Handbooks, manuals etc.

Clothing and dress measurements Large sizes

Clothing and dress measurements Large sizes Women

Clothing and dress measurements Men

Clothing and dress measurements Women

Clothing and dress measurements Petite sizes

Clothing and dress measurements Tables

Clothing and dress measurements Tall sizes

Clothing and dress measurements Terminology

Clothing and dress measurements United States


Collars History

Corsets Patterns


Draping Clothing

Dress forms



Dressmaking Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Dressmaking Pattern design

Dressmaking Pattern design Data processing

Dressmaking Patterns

Dressmaking Patterns History

Dressmaking Patterns Marketing History

Dressmaking Patterns Technological innovations History

Dressmaking Periodicals

Dressmaking Programmed instruction

Dressmaking Social aspects History

Dressmaking Technological innovations

  See also headings such as: Dressmaking Japan

Dressmaking materials


Fashion Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Fashion drawing

Fashion flats


Fur Dressing and dyeing

Fur Grading

Fur Storage

See also: Fur-bearing animals , Fur farming , Fur trade , Fur traders , Fur workers

Fur garments

Fur garments Pattern design

Fusible materials in sewing

Garment cutting

Garment cutting Handbooks, manuals, etc

Garment cutting Study and teaching


Interfacings Clothing


Laser beam cutting

Lingerie Pattern design

Linings Sewing

Machine sewing

Machine sewing Automation

Machine sewing Standards

Machine Sewing Technique


Pattern cutting of clothing

Pleats Knitting

Pleats Sewing

Seams Sewing

Seams Sewing Standards



Sewing Collectibles

Sewing Equipment and supplies

Sewing Handbooks, manuals, etc

Sewing Implements and appliances

Sewing Standards

Sewing Study and teaching

Sewing-machine industry

Sewing machines

Sewing machines Collectors and collecting

Sewing machines Design and construction

Sewing machines Equipment and supplies

Sewing machines Handbooks, manuals

Sewing machines Maintenance and repair

Shirt making


Stitches Sewing

Stitches Sewing Standards


Tailoring Pattern design

Tailoring Pattern design Handbooks manuals etc.

Tailoring Patterns

Tailoring Programmed instruction

Tailoring Vocational guidance

Tailoring Women's



Thread Specimens

       See also:  Silk thread

Trim Clothing

Underlinings Clothing

Women's clothing Standards

Women's clothing industry Standards

See also: names of individual fashion designers and firms

See also: articles of clothing such as: Leather garments , Maternity clothes , Men’s clothing , Men’s furnishing goods , School children’s clothing , Sport clothes for women , Sweaters, T-shirts , Work clothes

See also: headings such as: Cotton , Elastic fabrics , Featherwork , Felt work , Fireproofing of fabrics , Indian textile fabrics North America , Industrial fabrics , Inflammable fabrics , Silk , Synthetic fabrics

See also: Cotton yarn , Spun yarns , Stretch yarn , Textured yarn

See also: notions and details such as: Beadwork , Belt toggles , Buttonhooks , Buttons , Clasps , Collars , Crystals , Hooks and eyes , Pockets , Sleeves , Zippers

See also: Bleaching industry , Clothing and dress Care , Cleaning and dyeing industry , Cleaning compounds , Dry cleaning , Dyes and dyeing , Laundry , Laundry machinery , Pressing of garments

See also headings such as:Textile Museum Washington DC ; International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union ; Singer Sewing Machine Company



See also terms subdivided by Forecasting such as:

Advertising Forecasting

Architecture Forecasting

Athletes Clothing Forecasting

Bathing suits Forecasting

Beauty, Personal Forecasting

Boys' clothing Forecasting

Business Forecasting

Children's clothing Forecasting

Children's rooms Forecasting

Clothing trade Forecasting

Color Forecasting

Color Forecasting Databases

Color Forecasting Periodicals

Color in clothing Forecasting

Colors Forecasting

Consumer behavior Forecasting

Denim Forecasting

Fashion Forecasting

Fashion Forecasting Databases

Fashion Forecasting Periodicals

Fashion design Forecasting

Footwear Forecasting

Footwear industry Forecasting

Furniture industry and trade Forecasting

Girls' clothing Forecasting

Handbags Forecasting

Hosiery Forecasting

Hosiery industry Forecasting

House furnishings Forecasting

House furnishings industry and trade Forecasting

Household linens industry Forecasting

Industrial design Forecasting

Infants' clothing Forecasting

Interior decoration Forecasting

Knitwear Forecasting

Leather goods Forecasting

Lingerie Forecasting

Men's clothing Forecasting

Retail trade Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Shoes Forecasting

Skis and skiing Clothing Forecasting

Sport clothes Forecasting

Sport clothes industry Forecasting

Sports Clothing Forecasting

Street life Forecasting

T-shirts Forecasting

Textile fabrics Forecasting

Textile industry Forecasting

Thread Forecasting

Weaving Forecasting

Women's clothing Forecasting

Yarn Forecasting

See also:  Consumers ; Economic forecasting ; Employment forecasting ; Fashion merchandising ; Generation Y Statistics ; Merchandising ; Population forecasting ; Teenage consumers ; Women consumers ; Young consumers

See also:  Color Solutions International Inc. ; Trend Council

See also organizations and headings such as:

American Cloak and Suit Manufacturers Association Inc.

Industrial Council of Cloak Suit and Skirt Manufacturers Inc.

Infant and Children's Coat Association Inc.

International Ladies Garment Workers Union

Merchant Ladies Garment Association Inc.

Savile Row  London England

Textile Workers Union of America

Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire 1911

WP Lavori Firm


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