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Subject Terms Searching Our Collections

Search OneSearch using the following headings for Museum Studies & Art and Society


African American art Exhibitions Social aspects


Antiquities Documentation

Archaeological thefts


Art, Ancient Forgeries

Art Collectors and collecting

Art Conservation and restoration Congresses

Art Crating

Art Exhibition techniques

Art Exhibition techniques History

Art Exhibitions

Art Forgeries

Art Handling

Art History

Art History Methodology

Art Marketing

Art Mutilation defacement etc

Art Packing

Art Prices

Art Private collections

Art Protection

Art Radiography

Art Study and teaching

Art Traveling exhibitions

Art and globalization

Art and society

Art appreciation

Art auctions

Art criticism

Art exhibition audiences

Art forgers

Art galleries Commercial

Art galleries Commercial Directories

Art museum architecture

Art museum attendance

Art museum curators

Art museum curators Interviews

Art museum directors

Art museum directors Portraits

Art museum visitors

Art museums

Art museums Administration

Art museums Collection management

Art museums Designs and plans

Art museums Directories

Art museums Educational aspects

Art museums Guidebooks

Art museums Philosophy

Art museums Security measures

Art museums Social aspects

Art museums Visitors

Art objects

Art objects Documentation

Art patronage

Art patrons

Art patrons Biography

Art patrons Correspondence

Art patrons Interviews

Art patrons Portraits

Art thefts

Artists and museums

Artists as art museum curators

Biennials (Art fairs)

Cataloging of archival materials

Clothing and dress History Exhibitions

Collectors and collecting

Color Psychological aspects Exhibitions

Color in clothing History Exhibitions

Costume Exhibitions

Costume History Exhibitions

Costume Preservation

Costume mounting Display technique

Costume museums

Costume museums Congresses

Cultural property Protection


Environment (Art)



Ethnological museums and collections

Excavations Archaeology

Exhibit booths

Exhibitions Audio-visual aids

Exhibitions Design

Exhibitions History

  See also: Museum exhibits ; Biennials (Art fairs)

Expertising X-ray

Fashion Exhibitions

Fashion museums

    See also: Costume museums ; Fashion design Museums

Forgery of antiquities

  See also headings such as: Middle East Antiquities Forgeries

Graphic arts Exhibitions

History in art

Historic buildings

Historic house museums

Historic sites

Historical museums

Installations Art

Interactive multimedia Exhibitions

Law and art

Lost works of art

Mannequins Figures

Material culture

Material culture Collection and preservation

Media programs Education Exhibitions


Museum architecture

Museum archives

Museum buildings

Museum buildings Designs and plans

Museum conservation methods

Museum conservation methods Congresses

Museum directors

Museum directors Biography

Museum exhibits

Museum exhibits Catalogs

Museum exhibits Congresses

Museum exhibits Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Museum exhibits Planning

Museum exhibits Political aspects

Museum exhibits Psychological aspects

Museum exhibits Religious aspects

Museum exhibits Social aspects

Museum labels

Museum manikins

Museum publications

  See also: Associations, institutions, etc. Publishing

Museum registration methods

Museum registration methods Handbooks manuals etc.

Museum stores Management

Museum techniques

Museum techniques Evaluation

Museum techniques Historiography

Museum trustees

Museum visitors

Museum visitors Education


Museums Access for the physically handicapped

Museums Accreditation

Museums Acquisitions

Museums Administration

Museums Climatic factors

Museums Collection management

Museums Collection management Congresses

Museums Computer network resources

Museums Congresses

Museums Curatorship

Museums Curatorship Congresses

Museums Data processing

Museums Designs and plans

Museums Directories

Museums Economic aspects

Museums Educational aspects

Museums Employees Training of

Museums Environmental aspects

Museums Equipment and supplies

Museums Evaluation

Museums Guidebooks

Museums Historiography

Museums History

Museums Influence

Museums Information technology

Museums Management

Museums Marketing

Museums Moral and ethical aspects

Museums Personnel management

Museums Philosophy

Museums Political aspects

Museums Protection

Museums Public relations

Museums Religious aspects

Museums Research grants

Museums Safety measures

Museums Security measures

Museums Social aspects

Museums Software

Museums Space utilization

Museums Standards

Museums Vocational guidance

Museums and the relations

Natural history museums

Natural history museums Educational aspects

Painting  Autoradiography

Painting Collectors and collecting

Painting  Expertising

Photograph collections

Photography in historiography

Picture frames and framing

Racism in museum exhibits

Religion and culture

Religious articles

Science museums

Sound in art

Sound in design Exhibitions

Space (Art)

Textile fabrics Art Exhibitions

Textile museums

Textile museums Congresses

Traveling exhibitions



Waymarks Exhibitions

Women art dealers

Women art dealers Interviews

Women museum directors

Women museum directors Interviews

Women museum directors Portraits

Zoological specimens


See also headings subdivided such as :

Americana Collectors and collecting

Caricatures and cartoons Exhibitions

Dreams Exhibitions

Indian arts North America Exhibitions

Political activists Exhibitions

Samurai Exhibitions

Textile fabrics Ancient

See also related headings such as:



Cartography Miscellanea

Charts, diagrams, etc. History Chronology



Cultural policy


Federal aid to the arts Directories

Identity Philosophical concept

Lost articles

Visual communication History Chronology

Visual communication in science History Chronology

Web-based instruction

See also countries subdivided such as:

United States Cultural policy




Aesthetics Black American

Aesthetics Social aspects

African American aesthetics

African American art

African American artists

African American artists Biography

African American arts

African American painters

African American women artists

African Americans in art

Alternative spaces Arts Facilities

America Civilization

America Civilization African influences

Anarchism and art

Anarchism in art

Anarchist artists

Antique auctions

Architecture and society


Art Archival resources

Art Collectors and collecting

Art Collectors and collecting Psychology

Art Computer network resources

Art Dictionaries

Art Economic aspects

Art Economic aspects 20th century

Art Economic aspects 21st century

Art Encyclopedias

Art Fiction

Art Forecasting

Art Guidebooks

Art Historiography

Art History

Art Literary collections

Art Marketing

Art Marketing History 20th century

Art Marketing History 21st century

Art Modern

Art Modern 20th century Periodicals

Art Modern 21st century

Art Modern 21st century Economic aspects

Art Modern Prices

Art Moral and ethical aspects

Art Mutilation, defacement, etc.

Art Periodicals

Art Philosophy

Art Political aspects

Art Prices

Art Psychological aspects

Art Psychology

Art Reproduction

Art Research

Art Slides Catalogs

Art Societies

Art Society

Art Sources

Art Study and teaching

Art Technique

Art Terminology

Art Vocational guidance

Art and anthropology

Art and architecture

Art and camouflage

Art and globalization

Art and globalization Congresses

Art and globalization History 20th century

Art and globalization History 21st century

Art and history

Art and industry

Art and literature

Art and mental illness

Art and morals

Art and music

Art and music Humor

Art and mythology

Art and philosophy

Art and photography

Art and popular culture

Art and race

Art and religion

Art and science

Art and society

Art and society History 20th century

Art and society History 21st century

Art and state

Art and technology

Art and the Internet

Art and vision disorders

Art and war

Art appreciation

Art as an investment

Art auctions

Art auctions Catalogs

Art auctions Corrupt practices

Art centers

Art consultants

Art criticism

Art criticism Authorship

Art criticism Methodology

Art criticism Philosophy

Art critics

Art critics Biography

Art dealers

Art et la mode

Art forgers

Art galleries Commercial

Art galleries Commercial Management

Art historians

Art in literature

Art in motion pictures

Art libraries

Art objects as investments

Art patronage

Art portfolios

Art publicity

Art therapy

Art therapy for older people

Art treasures in war


Artisans Biography

Artisans Directories

Artist colonies

Artist couples

Artistic collaboration

Artists Biography

Artists Correspondence

Artists Economic conditions

Artists Economic conditions 21st century

Artists Fiction

Artists Homes and haunts

Artists Housing

Artists Housing Legal status laws

Artists Housing Taxation

Artists Interviews

Artists Legal status laws etc.

Artists Legal status laws etc. Cases

Artists Political activity

Artists Psychology

Artists Relations with women

Artists Social conditions

Artists Social conditions 21st century

Artists and models in art

Artists' books

Artists' books Specimens

Artists' models

Artists' models Biography

Artists' preparatory studies

Artists' spouses

Artists' spouses Biography

Artists' studios

Artists with mental disabilities

Arts   (The heading Arts includes visual art, literature, and the performing arts, versus Art which only includes visual art)

Arts America

Arts America African influences

Arts Arab countries

Arts Experimental methods

Arts Finance

Arts Humor

Arts Management

Arts Marketing

Arts Mathematics

Arts Modern 20th century

Arts Modern 21st century

Arts Political aspects

Arts Psychological aspects

Arts Vocational guidance

Arts and crafts movement

Arts and globalization

Arts and religion

Arts and society

Arts facilities

Arts fund raising

Biennials (Art fairs)

Biotechnology in art

Body art

Bohemianism in art

Brick wall signs

Buddhism and art

Buddhist art and symbolism


Christianity and art Catholic Church

Child artists

Children in art

Children’s art

Clothing and dress in art

Collective memory

Color in art

Communication and culture

Communication in art

Communism and art

Community arts projects

Computer art

Conceptual art

Costume in art

Creation Literary, Artistic

Creative ability

Creative ability Economic aspects

Creative ability in old age

Creative thinking

Cultural fusion and the arts

Cultural industries

Cultural industries Europe

Cultural industries Law and legislation Economic aspects

Cultural industries New York State New York

Cultural property Protection

Cultural property Protection Law and legislation

Cultural property Repatriation


Culture Periodicals

Culture diffusion

Culture in art

Design Directories

Design History 20th century

Design History 21st century

Digital art

Digital art Social aspects

Dissenters Artistic

Ethnicity in art

Exhibitions History 20th century

Exoticism in art

Expatriate artists

Expatriate artists Biography

Fame Social aspects

Fantastic architecture

Fantasy in art

Fashion and art

Fashion and art Periodicals

Fashion in art

Feminism and art

Feminism in art

Feminist art criticism

Fetishism and art

Folk art

Folk art Foreign influences

Folklore in art

Gay artists

Gay artists Attitudes

Gay artists History

Gay artists in popular culture

Gay men in art

Gender identity in art

Globalization in art


Graffiti artists

Group work in art

Handicapped and the arts

Happenings Art

Harlem Renaissance

Historic buildings

Historic buildings Conservation and restoration

Historic sites

Homosexuality and art

Homosexuality and the arts

Homosexuality in art

Human-animal relationships Art


Humanities Databases


Identity Philosophical concept in art

Imaginary places in art

Industrial design Social aspects

Installations Art

Intellectual property

Interactive art

Interactive multimedia

Internationalism in art

Korean American art

Law and art

Lesbian artists

Lesbian artists Attitudes

Lesbian artists History

Light art

Mass media Social aspects

Mass media and the arts

Material culture

Medicine and art


Multiculturalism in art

Multimedia Art

Mural painting and decoration

Mural painting and decoration Conservation and restoration

Mural painting and decoration Political aspects

Musicians as artists

Mysticism and art

Nationalism and art

Nature Effects of human beings on Art Exhibitions

Neighborhoods Exhibitions

New media art

Nonverbal communication Exhibitions

Outdoor art

Outdoor art New York State New York

Outer space in art

Outsider art

Outsider artists

Painting Appreciation

Performance art

  See also: Monodramas ; Monologues

Performance art Political aspects

Performance artists

Performance artists Biography

Performing arts Marketing

Performing arts Religious aspects

Picture interpretation

Pinup art

Political posters

Politics in art

Popular culture

Popular culture Arab countries

Popular culture Economic aspects

Popular culture Humor

Popular culture United States History 21st century

  See also Popular culture subdivided by place such as:
Popular culture New York State
Popular culture New York State New York
Popular culture East Village New York NY


   See also headings such as:  Garbo Greta Portraits ; Women Portraits ; Upper class Portraits

Postcolonialism and the arts

Propaganda in art

Psychoanalysis and art

Public art

Public art Conservation and restoration

  See also:  Public Works of Art Project (U.S.)

Public art New York State New York Catalogs

Public sculpture

Public spaces

Punk culture and art

Religion and culture

Science and the arts

Sculpture parks

Sex in art

Sidewalk chalk art

Signs and symbols

Site specific art

Site specific installations Art

Site specific sculpture

Social problems in art

Sound in art

Sound installations Art

Space Art

Space and time in art

Space ships in art

Space vehicles in art

Spirituality in art


See also places subdivided by Statues such as: New York NY Statues

Street art

Street art 21st century

Street art Guidebooks


Subways Decoration

Subways Exhibitions

Sustainable architecture


Tactile graphics

Technology and the arts

Technology in art

Textiles in art

Theater in art

Time and art

Tourist trade and the arts

Transvestism in art

United States Civilization 21st century

United States Social life and customs 21st century


Video art

Visual communication Exhibitions

War memorials


Wearable art

Women Portraits

Women art collectors

Women art critics

Women art dealers

Women art dealers Interviews

Women art historians

Women art patrons

Women art teachers

Women artists

Women artists Biography

Women artists Economic conditions

Women artists History 20th century

Women artists History 21st century

Women artists Museums

Women artists Social conditions

Women in art

Women painters

Words in art

Young artists


See also headings such as:

Art and society Cuba

Art Cuban

Art Chinese Western influences

Forbes Magazine Art collections Catalogs

Guerilla Girls Group of artists

Islamic arts

National characteristics, French, in art

Natural monuments

Pueblo art

See also headings such as:

High Line New York, N.Y. Park History Exhibitions

New York N.Y. Guidebooks

Rive gauche Paris France Intellectual life

United States Air Force Monuments Virginia Arlington

For World Fairs see: Exhibitions History ; Trade shows History.

See also:  Bohemianism ; Camp Lifestyle ; Counterculture ; Creative activities and seat work ; Eccentrics and eccentricity Biography ; ; Multiculturalism

For FIT student theses, see: Dissertations, Academic  Fashion Institute of Technology


See also specific museums or institutions such as:

American Museum of Natural History

Arts décoratifs (Organization : Paris, France)

Cloisters Museum

Costume Institute New York NY

Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa

FIDM Museum & Library

Musée de la mode et du textile

Museo del tessuto Prato Italy

Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology

Museum of Costume Bath, England

Museum of Everything

National Museum of Women in the Arts U.S.

Onassis Cultural Center

P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center

Pierpont Morgan Library

Potter's Museum of Curiosity

Textile Museum Washington DC

Textile Museum of Canada

Victoria and Albert Museum

See also headings such as:

Corporations Art collections

Fundación Cristóbal Balenciaga

Forbes Magazine Art collections

Rockefeller, John D Art collections

See also subject subdivided by Art patronage such as:

Popes Art patronage

Louis XIV King of France 1638-1715 Art patronage

See also specific art patrons such as:

Guggenheim family

Guggenheim, Peggy

Medici, House of

Stieglitz, Alfred



See also subjects or organizations such as:

Art in Embassies Program US

Center for an Urban Future New York, N.Y.

Mural Arts Program Philadelphia Pa.

National Endowment for the Arts

New York Foundation for the Arts Artists’ Fellowship Program

Public Art Fund  New York NY



Art Radiography

Cultural property Protection


Historic buildings Conservation and restoration

Museum conservation methods

Museum conservation methods Congresses

Museum conservation methods Handbooks manuals etc

Museums Climatic factors

Paper Preservation

See also headings subdivided by Control such as:

Insect pests Control

Molds Fungi Control

Pests  Control

See also subjects subdivided by the headings Conservation and restoration or Preservation:

Antiques Conservation and restoration

Architecture Conservation and restoration

Archival materials Conservation and restoration

Art Conservation and restoration

Art objects Conservation and restoration

Books Conservation and restoration

Clothing and dress Conservation and restoration

Costume Conservation and restoration

Costume Preservation

Dolls Conservation and restoration

Drawing Conservation and restoration

Embroidery Conservation and restoration

Façades Conservation and restoration

Furniture Conservation and restoration

Gilding Conservation and restoration

Glassware Conservation and restoration

Graphic arts Conservation and restoration

Hardware Conservation and restoration

Historic buildings Conservation and restoration

Historic sites Conservation and restoration

Lace and lace making Conservation and restoration

Leather Conservation and restoration

Manuscripts Conservation and restoration

Marble sculpture Conservation and restoration

Material culture Conservation and restoration

Metal-work Conservation and restoration

Monuments  Conservation and restoration

Mural painting and decoration Conservation and restoration

Painting Conservation and restoration

Photographs Conservation and restoration

Prints Conservation and restoration

Quilts Conservation and restoration

Tapestry Conservation and restoration

Textile fabrics Conservation and restoration

Textile fabrics Preservation

Textile fabrics Storage

Upholstery Conservation and restoration

Wallpaper Conservation and restoration

See also headings such as:

Irish Professional Conservators' and Restorers' Association



For exhibition catalogs, use the subdivision Exhibitions, not Catalogs, such as:  

        Fashion and art  Exhibitions 

        Pop art  Exhibitions

        Surrealism  Exhibitions

For museum permanent collections see the specific museum subdivided by Catalogs such as:

        Museum of Modern Art  Catalogs

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