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FM114 and Beyond

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If you don't see your FM114 assignment listed in the box on the right, let us know!  Send it as a comment to this research guide (link is below).  Include a brief statement of the assignment and your instructor's name, so that we can follow up. We will try to add it to this guide with suggestions for how to do research and find resources.

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Hot Assignment: Quote of the Week

From "[Pink] is the navy blue of India"  to "Orange is the new black."

Brief notes on how to find the author of a quotation, some biographical information about the author, and / or the meaning or context of the quote:

Finding quotations and their authors:

  • Consult OneSearch for books of quotes.  Use the search term: quotations . Use indexes in book to look up key words.  
  • For quotation ebooks, try Credo Reference database.
  • Be careful using Google for this; watch for mis-quotes and wrongly attributed quotes.

Finding information about the author of the quote:

Finding the meaning or context of a quotation:

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