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EN 121: English Composition

First steps

Think through your assignment: Read any written instructions you have been given and discuss the assignment with your classroom instructor before you begin your research.

The more you can clarify before you come in to, phone, or e-mail the library, the better librarians can help you get on with your research. Let us know if you're just starting out, or if you've tried some strategies and just aren't getting what you need.

Types of information

What type of information do you need:
Statistics? Directory information? Pictures? History? Biographical information? Are you looking for historical or current information? Several points of view on a single topic?

After you have considered this, check out How to I chose an information source? 

Keep Track

Always keep track of your research: 
Even if you are just beginning your research, make sure you keep a list of all of the materials you have used, including books, magazines, newspapers, websites, databases, etc.

Having this information will allow you to refer back to the resource if you need to, and will allow to you to begin to compile a bibliography or “works cited” list to include in your paper.

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