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EN 121: English Composition

About Researching a company / industry assignments

Use the suggestions here to find information on company histories and finances, marketing, market share, and more.
We recommend specific FIT Library databases, organizations' websites, books and ebooks, and other sources of information.

TIP: Some companies are harder to research than others
Some of the factors that make information harder to find are:

  • private company (vs "public") : not traded on the stock market, so they don't have to release as much information to the public
  • small company 
  • local or regional rather than national
  • new company
  • non-U.S. based, because it may not be covered as much in U.S. or other English language sources
  • not well-known, for whatever reason

If you want to research a company that fits into some of these categories, we're happy to help! 
But if you are just doing research for this type of assignment and you can choose any company, you may be less frustrated if you pick a larger, more well-known public company  :D

Company Information & History - Articles & Reports in FIT Library Databases

Industry Information - Articles & Reports in FIT LIbrary Databases

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