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EN 121: English Composition

About Literary analysis / criticism assignments

Do you need to research a literary work - a novel, short story, poem, or play?  Do you need to find information about the author - his life and influences? Do you need to find criticism and interpretation of the literary work?  And how do you actually find the literary work itself?

Find suggestions here!

Finding Books, e-Books, and DVDs in the FIT Library

Using OneSearch, try one or more of these searches:

About literary works, biographical / bibliographical Sources: 

  • Type in the author's name to retrieve books about a person and his/her writings. book cover of the mockingbird next door
  • Type the name of the author (last name, first name. The resulting subject list may include subdivisions; select an appropriate subdivision, such as Criticism and interpretation (for materials about the author’s writings).
  • Search for materials about literature of specific time periods, countries, regions, languages, ethnic groups, etc.;  try terms such as: Poetry, Short Story, Short Stories, Fiction, Literature, or Drama, and, by nationalities, such as American fiction, English drama, etc.  Combine with subheadings, such as History and Criticism, Bio-Bibliography, or Stories, plots, etc.

Texts of an authors' works:

  • Search by author’s name  Results may include individual novels & short story or poetry collections by a specific author in the form of books, e-books, and/or DVDs.
  • Search for a specific title.Book Cover of girls burn bighter
  • Search for collections of short stories by various authors (anthologies): use the subject heading "short stories."
  • Search for collections of poetry by various authors: use the subject heading "poetry."


Literature databases

Additional Databases for finding articles

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