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Clothing Construction, Alteration, and Tailoring

This page offers resources for basic and advanced clothing construction techniques, including tailoring and alterations.

Couture garments, finishing, and corset making

NeedleCouture refers to garments that are made to measure for a particular body. A body of sewing and fitting techniques has evolved to create these one of a kind garments using personal embellishments and luxurious hand finishing touches. This detailed work is often applied to bridal or eveningwear, and frequently references corset styling or bodice construction.

The basic sewing manuals on the first page of this guide also include a wealth of couture finishing methods.

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Iconic Couture: Dior's Bar Suit

Few garments express a fashion era as well as Christian Dior's Bar Suit expresses the end of WWII deprivation and the beginning of the 1950s. This iconic suit perfectly embodies old-fashioned feminine styling and the second golden age of French couture.

Books on Couture Garments and Finishing

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