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Color Science & Vision

This section shows resources about these and more:
Color Science (Colorimetry, Light, Vision, Dyes and Pigments)
Color Trends & Forecasting Services
Technology (Vantablack - Blackest Black)
Color Vision Deficiency (Color Blindness)
Tetrachromacy (‘Super Vision’)
Synesthesia (Synesthetes are people who may hear colors, feel sounds and/or taste shapes)

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Image from Colour Blind Awareness

How Colours Affect Lighting Design | ARTiculations | Aug 28, 2018

"Ever wonder how interiors designers choose colours? There are a lot of different factors to consider, but one of the most important considerations is: light reflectance value (LRV)"

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Color Science & Vision - Databases

Vantablack - Blackest Black

Whitest White - Reflects 98.1% Sunlight

Color Vision Deficiency (Color Blindness)

Three types of color blindness: Deuteranope, protanope, and tritanope.

"The above example shows the three types of color blindness: Deuteranope, protanope, and tritanope."
The Know It All Guide To Color Psychology In Marketing + The Best Hex Chart
Image Source: blog : Color Psychology Marketing

Note the differences in the RED & GREEN based pencils - Colour Blind Awareness UK

Color Pencils - Protanope Color Blindness Protanope     Color Pencils - Normal Vision Normal

Color Pencils - Dueteranope Color Blindness Dueteranope Color Pencils - Tritanope Color Blindness Tritanope

Color Vision Deficiency Simulators - Web Color Blindness Simulator


“Chromatic Vision Simulator” is a color vision simulation tool which simulates the color vision of color vision deficiencies. Such color deficiency can be classified into three major categories: P - Protanope, D - Deuteranope and T - Tritanope.

Chromatic Visual Simulator Example - 4 images

This software is developed by Kazunori Asada (Ph.D. medical science and Ph.D. media design), based on the research in color science.

Original image file (C - Common Vision) created using AI Copilot Image Creator (Microsoft) by msm

Tetrachromacy "Super Vision"

Synesthesia / Synaesthetics

Synesthetes are people who hear colors, feel sounds and/or taste shapes.

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Online resources about Synesthesia

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