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Using Keywords, Search Terms and Tips

FIT Databases Subscription resources are available to FIT faculty and students. Internet resources are available to all users.

Locating Books in the FIT Library

Many books can be found in the 5th Floor Main Stacks in the following call number ranges:

  • BF789.C7 -- General titles on the history and meaning of color 
  • TP920 -- Books about specific pigments, like indigo
  • ND1488 and N7432.2 -- Books about the use of color in art, including theory and technique

OneSearch - Search the FIT Library Catalog

Search for books, ebooks, articles, and more

Drag or type the Subject Terms / Headings / Keyword(s) into the OneSearch box.

Use Advanced Search in OneSearch

  • ANY FIELD (broad)
  • SUBJECT (narrow)
  • Refine by selecting CONTAINS (broad) or EXACT WORDS (very narrow)
  • Use the asterisk (*) truncation wildcard to see results including unknown characters.
    For example:
  • design* will find design, designs, designer, designers, designed, designing (will also find designate)
  • sustain* will find sustain, sustainable, sustainability, sustainabilities

Here are some suggested subjects to explore:

 ♦  Color, Colors or Color*
 ♦  Colour or Couleur
 ♦  Color History
 ♦  Color Terminology

 ♦  Color in Advertising
 ♦  Color in Branding
 ♦  Color in Marketing

 ♦  Color Social Aspects
Color Psychological Aspects
Color Study (see Color in Art) 

 ♦  Interaction of Color
Symbolism of Colors
Color Terminology

 ♦  Color and Light
 ♦  Color in Art
 ♦  Color in Design
Color in Interior Decoration
Color in Architecture

 ♦  Color in Fashion
 ♦  Color in Clothing
 ♦  Color in Textiles
 Color in Textile Crafts
 Color in the Textile Industries (includes dating and history)

 ♦  Color Guide(s) (includes color palettes)
 Coloring Book(s)
 ♦  Dyes and Dyeing

Please ASK THE LIBRARY if you have any questions.

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