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New York Times (NYT)

Is it possible?

Let's say you want to see the New York Times, section-by-section, page-by page, as if you were seeing the printed newspaper--but through the Library databases. can get close, and it's a little clumsy.
But to find and browse front page headlines for a specific date or  "D section " articles (e.g. science on Tuesday, food on Wednesday) try these step-by-step instructions.

If you're looking for articles published between 1851-2016, try the "New York Times Historical" option below as that has full PDFs of the newspapers.
For articles published between 2017 and today, try the Gale or EBSCO options instead.

EBSCO: Newspaper Source Plus

1. Use database page link to "New York Times [EBSCO Newspaper Source Plus]"

  • Start at the FIT Library's Databases A-Z page, scrolling down to N, and choosing "New York Times [EBSCO Newspaper Source Plus]"
    • Log in with your FIT user name and password if prompted
  • When you see the page that indicates "Publication dates for New York Times", look on the right side for the option to choose a specific date.
  • The most recent month appears first; click on the one you want to be able to choose a specific date within that month

2.Choose to sort articles by DATE:NEWEST

3. Articles are now sorted by section (Sections A-D for most weekdays, more for weekend days or when special sections are added)

Articles that appear in section A are listed first, and are also sorted by page number. "Cover story"  may also be noted to indicate those articles than appeared on the first page of the "daily morning editions" of the print newspaper that day. 

4. At the bottom of the page of article results, use "Skip to page" to get to other sections

If you were not looking for articles that appear on the front page of the New York Times on the date you chose, you can scroll down to the bottom of the screen and use the "skip to page" options. You can choose "next"  to browse, or choose a likely page the will have the section you want.

Note that "skip to page" does NOT mean the page of the actual newspaper; it means the screens of results.

In this example, page 5 (the last one listed) was chosen to get closest to the articles from section D of that day's New York Times which contained sections A-D

5. Look for articles in the section you want by scrolling through the listings

For each article, you will see [among other details] the page numbers that correspond to the version that appeared in the print newspaper. In the example above, note that for article 46 the pages are listed as "C6-C6" but for 47, the page numbers are "D1-D5", the beginning of a different section (in this case, the science section)
You may still have to continue on to the next page/screen to browse all the articles, but by now you should be at or close to the section you want! 

GALE: New York State Newspapers


New York Times Historical (ProQuest)

new york times historical home screen


1. Use Databases A-Z link to log in to New York Times Historical  (This covers 1851-2016;  for more recent years, use EBSCO or Gale options above )
Once you've logged in. you should get the home page for New York Times Historical

    Choose "Advanced search " option from the top of the page.

New York Times historical advanced search screen

2. Use pull-down menu to change "Publication date" from "All dates" to "On this date".

New York Times historical choose date options

3. Choose the month and day from pull-down menus, enter the year (4 digits), and click "Search", 

New York Times Historical  results for a specific date

4. Once you have chosen your date, all the articles from that day should be listed.
You may want to change the "Sorted by" option in the left column from "relevance" to "oldest first".
Although the articles should all be from the same date anyway, that change will re-sort and list the articles in roughly the correct page order (i.e. cover stories first).

You can browse the content by scrolling through the listings.
If you prefer to see PDFs of the printed newspaper, choose "Full text - PDF" in one of the listings.

New York time Historical page view example

5. "Full text PDF" shows you an single article. I
If you want to see the whole page that the article appeared on or have the ability to scroll through the whole newspaper that way, click on the Page view - PDF" tab.

New York Times Historical page view sample

6. On "Page view - PDF"  you can choose to scroll through the entire paper for that day, or go to any specific page.

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