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New York Times (NYT)

New York Times through FIT Library databases

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The New York Times Academic Pass is not technically a library-provided database, but we include it on our database listings because it is a very popular way to find New York Times articles. 

See the separate page on this guide for an overview of the site and how the Academic Pass can give you access to more content.


NYT historical home screen

Using the FIT Library's New York Times Historical database   (1851-2018 , FIT user name and password required) has these and other advantages over using the website.


  • Ability to search by title or words in an article but also letting you find articles that are tagged with certain subject headings.
  • Includes an obituary search which includes both paid "death notices" and authored obituary articles;  just suggests an awkward workaround
  • Other specially tagged search types include by dateline, section of the paper, and many  formats e.g.  Front page article and "real estate transaction"
  • You can easily search for a specific date or range of dates or narrow down result you get

    TIP 1: You can browse pages--including ads-- but it's a little tricky.
    After you're logged into the database, find any article for the date you need, then click on the "page view" option that appears just above the article/pdf so you can scroll through other pages in that issue in pdf format.
    TIP 2: New York Times Historical is produced by ProQuest, the same company that created the Wall Street Journal database, WWD Archive,  Harper's Bazaar Archive & the Vogue Archive, so you can search any or all of them at the same time.

More recent New York Times articles can be found using Gale Onefile: News and Newspaper Source Plus (EBSCO) 

N Y T  through Gale Onefile: News
Gale Onefile: News:

You can use the database to browse a whole issue for a specific date, but for the years after 2010, all you can get is the articles, not scans of the page itself.

BONUS TIP:: You can also search 2000+ other global English language newspapers at the same time using this database. Some of the papers covered are New York Post (2000- February 2020), Washington Post , and The Observer (London)

 Newspaper Source Plus (EBSCO)
Details coming soon! 

Sharing New York Times Articles: From Library Databases

For the best way to share article links from FIT Library databases (e.g the ones mentioned above, published by EBSCO, Gale, or ProQuest) see

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