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Welcome to the Research Guide for Color!Richard Diebenkorn_Ocean Park 79_0

Use this guide to find information about color research and color resources:

Art  •  Architecture  •  Branding    Fashion Design  •  History   Interior Design  •  Meaning  •  Psychology  •  Styles  •  Textiles  •  Trends  •  Science  •  Synesthesia  •  Vision  •  Web Design

Click on the "Usage & Technique" tab for color in:

  • Fine Art
  • Branding & Communication
  • Interiors & Home Products
  • Web Design & Accessibility
  • Associations / Agencies
Image: Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park Series
MSM 1/2021

FIT Library Color Forecasting Services Tutorials

Having Fun with Color Online (Free)

Select a color to see matching Classic Artworks - Google Art & Culture

Google Arts & Culture: Color in Classic Art

  Color Mandala - Color by Group or Individual Shape Color Mandala - Create your own   Color Mandala - Create your own

mandalas colored and created by msm

How to Sign - Colors - Sign Language (ASL Love)

Learn how to sign colors using American Sign Language. ASL LOVE

Sign the colors of the rainbow including the words: color, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white, silver, gold and rainbow.


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